Spider Man PS4 Silver Sable - Silver Sable Voice Actor, What Happens to Silver Sable in Spider Man PS4

Spider Man PS4 Silver Sable - Silver Sable Voice Actor, What Happens to Silver Sable in Spider Man PS4

Our Spider Man PS4 Guide Hub is filled with every tip you need to clean up the streets of Manhattan, including combat tips and secret photo op locations.

In Spider Man PS4 Peter tangles with some great baddies, including Silver Sable. As her role in the story isn't quite a clearcut as some of the other villains in the game, we've detailed just what her involvement is in this Silver Sable guide. We also look at the Silver Sable vice actor and give you all the info you need on this Marvel character.

Spoiler Warning: This Silver Sable article includes spoilers for the Spider Man PS4 story. If you're ye to finish the game we advise you play through to its completion first, before reading on. If you aren't bothered about reading spoilers, then carry right on. Just know that we warned you.

Spider Man PS4 Silver Sable

If you're playing Spider Man PS4 and haven't come across Silver Sable yet, she doesn't actually show up until around four hours into the game’s story, and her arrival seriously alters the trajectory of the story and open-world combat sections. In this guide, we’ve got all the info you need to know on Insomniac’s version of Silver Sable.

Spider Man PS4 Cast - Silver Sable Voice Actor

Spider Man PS4 features some truly awesome voice and motion capture performances from a seriously talented cast. Silver Sable is played by Nichole Elise, a relatively new actor to the scene. She voiced Stephanie McMahon in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, and has starred in several short movies.

Spider Man PS4: What Happens to Silver Sable at the End

Silver Sable is introduced in Spider Man PS4 pretty early on. She leads her own private military, who have been hired to protect Norman Osbourne. She agrees to work alongside Spidey initially, and her agents will leave you be for the most part. The turning point comes later on after the Raft prison escape, and marshall law is implemented in Manhattan. From then on, Silver Sable and her Agents are very much working against Spider Man, and you’ll have to fight them regularly. Eventually though, Silver Sable agrees to help Spider Man save Norman Osborn, and eventually helps him break into the Oscorpe building.

The last we hear of Silver Sable is during a phone call between her and Spider Man. She reveals that she is leaving the city to reconsider her options, though emphasises that her agents will not follow her out. That’s where we leave Silver Sable, and from then it’s a case of taking on her private militia.

Spider Man PS4 Silver Sable DLC - Silver Linings

Spider Man PS4 will receive three DLC packs every month for the rest of the year. The third is called Silver Linings, and is expected to focus on Silver Sable, after the events of the main game.

If you're looking for help with Insomniac's Spider Man, head on over to our Spider Man PS4 Guide. That should give you all the info you need and guide you towards other helpful articles, but if you're after something specific, one of our guide pages below should hopefully do the trick.

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