State of Decay 2 Bases - Best Base Locations, Starting Base

State of Decay 2 Bases - Best Base Locations, Starting Base

Here's our complete State of Decay 2 guides hub, giving you all the information you need including the final release date, day one patch, a beginner's guide, weapons guide, map layouts, vehicles guide, and more.

Your State of Decay 2 base is going to be absolutely paramount if you want to survive the zombie onslaught and save as many people as possible. In this State of Decay 2 bases guide, we'll be walking you through the best State of Decay 2 base locations, how to get your home base camp up to scratch the functioning as quickly as possible, as well as pointing out the best State of Decay 2 starting base, so you know where to head as soon as the tutorial section is over.

But we've got plenty more guides here at USgamer to help you on the journey through the zombie apocalypse. For all you need to know in our beginner's guide for the game, make sure to head over to our State of Decay 2 guides hub.

State of Decay 2 Base Guide

No matter which one of the three maps you choose to venture out to at the beginning of State of Decay 2, you’ll always establish your main home Base when you arrive in the map after the tutorial. Once you’ve cleared out the perimeter of zombies, the base is all yours, and it’s here that your band of survivors will call home.

After being instructed to build an Infirmary to help patients with Blood Plague in the tutorial section of State of Decay 2, you’re free to bolster your Home Base with a range of new buildings. Simply head to a vacant lot marked by a transparent orange line, and you can select one of many new buildings to begin construction of in said plot, provided that you’ve got the necessary building materials to do so.

You’ll have a range of options to choose from, but we can list out all the categories of building just below, so you know which kind of buildings will benefit your Home Base.

  • Workshop - This requires three building materials, and will let you craft explosives and fix your damaged weapons.
  • Kitchen - You’ll need five building materials for a Kitchen, but this will let you craft food, which can aid both your health and stamina.
  • Staging Area - Costs five building materials, and will help reduce the build time for other facilities.
  • Forge - Does what it says on the tin, as for ten building materials and two cases of chemicals, you can craft melee weapons, materials, and parts.
  • Auto Shop - For ten building materials and two scraps of circuitry, you can craft vehicle upgrades and improve vehicle durability.
  • Sheltered Beds - Two beds, requiring three building materials.
  • Outdoor Beds - Two beds requiring three building materials, albeit suffering from a morale penalty due to being outside.
  • Infirmary - Costs three building materials to create, and can let you craft cure and other medical items, as well as nursing Blood Plague victims.
  • Barracks - This is a larger set of beds, requiring five building materials to create four beds.
  • Garden - The garden will set you back by five building materials, but will provide one food item a day for your community.
  • Still - Not only can the still provide you with base-wide water, but you can also use it to create fuel items.
  • Farm - For five building materials and one box of seeds, you can create a farm that’ll provide you with two food items per day.
  • Hydroponics - This will require five building materials, two scraps of circuity, and one box of seeds, as well as water and power, but it’ll provide you with three food items per day.
  • Fighting Gym - A fighting gym will cost you five building materials to create, but you can gain a health and fighting bonus from it.
  • Shooting Range - Basically works the same as the fighting gym, but with a bonus to stamina and shooting.
  • Latrine - Requires just one building material and one case of chemicals, and provides a boost to morale.
  • Lounge - Costs five building materials to create, but provides you with one bed and a large morale boost.
  • Watchtower - This will cost you five building materials, and allows you to set an armed guard that’ll reduce the threat level on your home base.
  • Rain Collector - Provides you with base-wide water for the cost of one building material.
  • Generator - Lets you sustain base-wide power which provides a morale boost, for the cost of five building materials.
  • Solar Array - This building grants you silent base-wide power for free, but with the initial cost of ten building materials and ten scraps of circuitry.

It’s basically up to you choose how you want to go about expanding your Home Base in State of Decay 2. If you want to give power to the people than you’ll want to build a Generator, but if you instead want to supply a steady stream of food items, you’ll need to build yourself a Still.

State of Decay 2 Best Starting Base

We mentioned at the conclusion of the State of Decay 2 tutorial earlier that you're presented with a choice of three locations to go to, but which is the best one? Out of the foothills, the town on the plateau, or the town in the valley, we'd honestly have to recommend the foothills option, given the size and scope of the map.

We recommend the foothills option for newcomers purely because of how many buildings it has around the main base camp. It's incredibly easy to set out from the main home base and instantly come across multiple buildings with resources, and so it's a good base to go if you want to get your community running quickly.

State of Decay 2 Base Locations

There's a really simple way to finding the location for another base once yours is completely full of both survivors and workshops. All you need to do is take a vehicle full of gas and in good condition, and drive in between all the lookout towers on the map, marked with the boniculars symbol.

Simply scale any lookout tower you come across, and pan around while aiming at the very top. Uncover all the question marks on the map, and you'll find yourself a new base in any of the three maps in State of Decay 2 in no time at all.

We're still very much in the process of uncovering all the base locations in State of Decay 2 for ourselves, but keep an eye on this guide, as we'll be noting down every base location in the game just as soon as we've uncovered them.

This brings us to the conclusion of our State of Decay 2 guide on base building, but we’ve got plenty more guides here at USgamer, head over to our State of Decay 2 weapons guide for information on how to repair your equipment, or our State of Decay 2 vehicles guide for how to refuel your transportation.

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