State of Decay 2 Multiplayer - How to Play Coop, Private Games, How to Join Friends

State of Decay 2 Multiplayer - How to Play Coop, Private Games, How to Join Friends

Here's our complete State of Decay 2 guides hub, giving you all the information you need including the final release date, day one patch, a beginner's guide, weapons guide, map layouts, vehicles guide, and more.

Although the multiplayer component in State of Decay 2 is entirely optional, it can be a whole lot of fun to group of with friends with survive the apocalypse. In this State of the Decay 2 multiplayer guide, we'll be detailing everything you need to know about the online portion of the game, including how to play State of Decay 2 online, how to set up a private game, and much more.

If you instead need anything else concerning State of Decay 2, including a complete beginner’s survival guide for the zombie apocalypse game featuring an introduction to combat and how to set up your first base camp, make sure to head over to our State of Decay 2 guides hub.

State of Decay 2 Multiplayer Guide

At the outset of your State of Decay 2, you’ll be asked for your online settings preference. It doesn’t matter if you choose to start out the game offline or online, as you can change these settings at any time by simply hitting the pause button.

There are three online settings for State of Decay 2: offline, invite only, or friends only. Choosing the offline option not only means you’re strictly offline so no one can hop into your game whenever, but it also means that hitting the pause button on the Xbox One controller actually pauses the game, which is actually more important than you might think, especially if you don’t want your home base camp to be raided while you take a break.

The latter two options, invite only and friends only are the two methods of online play in State of Decay 2. Invite only is definitely more of a private setting than the other option, as if you select friends only, anyone on your Xbox Live friends list who is playing State of Decay 2 can join your game whenever they want.

State of Decay 2 Online Guide

But what about if you want to go help out another State of Decay 2 player with their game, instead of inviting someone into your game? If you want to join another game, press up on the D-pad, and select the ‘Volunteer’ option, which will then drop you into someone else’s playthrough that needs your help.

When you’re dropped into someone else’s online game of State of Decay 2, you’ll join them no matter where they are on the map, even if they’re surrounded by one hundred zombies. You’ll also play as the character that you were last using, and you’ll also arrive with the gear you have on you, so make sure to stock up on equipment before you venture out to help another online player.

We might be all done with this State of Decay 2 guide on how to survive the zombie apocalypse with the help of your friends online, but we’ve got plenty more guides here at USgamer. Head over to our State of Decay 2 Blood Plague guide for how to cure the infection, or our State of Decay 2 weapons guide for how to repair your equipment.

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