State of Decay 2 Vehicles Guide - How to Refuel and Repair Vehicles

State of Decay 2 Vehicles Guide - How to Refuel and Repair Vehicles

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Vehicles are a pretty big part of State of Decay 2, as you won't want to be walking on foot between outposts and buildings, unless you want to be chased down by the horde. In this State of Decay 2 vehicles guide, we'll be providing you with a complete overview to all types of transportation in the apocalypse, including how to repair and refuel vehicles in State of Decay 2, and much more.

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State of Decay 2 Vehicles Guide

You won’t start off with a working vehicle in State of Decay 2, as the main game opens up with you and the three other survivors from the army camp leaving their broken down vehicle behind. You’re now going to need to venture out into whichever of the three maps you chose (foothills, plateau town, or valley town), and find a vehicle out in the wilderness.

While you could simply wander around the apocalyptic wasteland until you happen to come across a vehicle of some form, there’s a much better way of discovering a vehicle for yourself. You need to find yourself a lookout tower, denoted by the binoculars symbol on the map, and then head straight there, scaling the tower until you reach the ‘surveying point’.

At the top, aim around and hover over the question markers until they reveal themselves. One of these is nearly always guaranteed to be a vehicle, and this is the fastest way you can track down the only reliable form of transportation in State of Decay 2.

How to Refuel Vehicles

While you’re riding around the apocalypse of State of Decay 2 in your car, you’re going to be burning through fuel, denoted by the yellow gauge near the top left corner of the screen. If this completely runs out, you’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but zombies—not exactly an ideal scenario.

  • To refuel your vehicle, you're going to need to find a Gas Can.
  • These can usually be found in garages, sheds, and houses.
  • Approach the back left of your vehicle with the Gas Can in your inventory.
  • Hold E/Y to begin refuelling the vehicle, which takes around twelve seconds.
  • Doing this will always refuel a vehicle by roughly half the meter.

How to Repair Vehicles

Sometimes after you’ve either ploughed into a wall or a horde of zombies, your vehicle will start emitting smoke. This is State of Decay 2 signalling that you need to repair your vehicle, and for this you’ll need to acquire a Toolkit item.

  • You can nearly always find Toolkits in the same locations as Gas Cans.
  • These include: garages, sheds, and houses.
  • Head to the front of the vehicle with the Toolkit in your inventory.
  • Hold down E/Y to begin repairing, which should take about fifteen seconds.
  • After you're done, your vehicle will be good as new.

We might be all wrapped up with this State of Decay 2 guide on how to repair and refuel your vehicles, but continue ahead to our Blood Plague guide for information on how to cure the deadly infection. Additionally, you can head to our State of Decay 2 weapons guide, where we’ve got all the information you need on how to obtain and then repair your weapons.

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