State of Decay 2 Resources Guide - Where to Find Fuel, Medical Supplies, Food, Building Materials, and Other Key Resources

State of Decay 2 Resources Guide - Where to Find Fuel, Medical Supplies, Food, Building Materials, and Other Key Resources

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Resources are going to be absolutely essential for the long term survival of your community in State of Decay 2, and you’re going to need to know where to look if you want to track down some decent resources fairly quickly. In this State of Decay 2 Resources guide, we’ll be walking you through how to find Resources, as well as all the various Resource locations you can find scattered around all three maps in the game.

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State of Decay 2 Resources Guide

Just below, we’ll list out the various forms of resources in State of Decay 2, as well as detailing what particular uses each one holds within your community:

  • Medical Resources - You’re going to need medical supplies to either craft new healing items, or if you want to heal a character in the infirmary.
  • Fuel - Used for not only running any generators you’ve got installed in your base camp, but also for refuelling your vehicles.
  • Food - This resource is the only one used every day without fail by your community, and is essential for keeping morale high.
  • Ammunition - You’ll need a stockpile of ammunition if you want to build a Watchtower and have someone manning the post at all times.
  • Building Materials - Building materials are essential for crafting new workshops and other features in your central base camp.

State of Decay 2 Resource Locations

When it actually comes to tracking down resources scattered around all three maps in State of Decay 2, there’s a lot of trial and error involved. Unfortunately the items in each building are randomly generated in the game, so you can never be absolutely sure what you’re going to find where.

Nevertheless, we’ll detail every resource just below, revealing in which locations and which types of buildings we often found them in around the map.

  • Medical Resources - Nearly always found in either clinics or hospitals, and sometimes within shops.
  • Fuel - Located in garages, sheds, houses, or occasionally within the trunk of vehicles.
  • Food - Nearly always found within shops or houses, you can sometimes trade with survivors for certain food items.
  • Ammunition - You can usually find ammunition in both stores and enclaves, but you can usually purchase it from traders for Influence.
  • Building Materials - You’ll usually find building materials within houses, garages, and sheds, and you can sometimes trade for it if you’re willing to spend some Influence.

How to Discover new Loot Locations in State of Decay 2

Remember that if you need a way to discover new locations to loot around the State of Decay 2 map, you can simply scale a lookout tower marked with the binoculars on the map. Once you’re at the top, pan around while aiming to uncover any new locations and vehicles that you can raid.

We might be all done with this guide to all the different types of resources in State of Decay 2, but we have plenty more guides on the apocalyptic game here at USgamer. Head over to our State of Decay 2 Blood Plague guide for how to cure the deadly infection, or our State of Decay 2 weapons guide if you want a walkthrough of where to find some of the best weapons available.

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