Fallout 76 Mutations - Mutations List, Mutations Farming

The world of Fallout 76 is a dangerous place. There’s other players, vicious robots and even a new hyper-intelligent race of ghouls to contend with. Here’s how to make sure you stay alive.

Fallout 76 retools and reworks a bunch of long-standing, classic Fallout features to fit the new online-only focus. It also adds in some ideas of its own. From a new nukes system, New game mode, and fearsome new creatures, to grimly hilarious genetic mutations. It’s the Mutations systems that we’ll be looking at here, offering all of the info you’ll need to make Mutations work in your favor. In this Fallout 76 Mutations Guide, we’ll list every Mutation we’ve found in Fallout 76 so far, and render our verdict on what the best ones are. We’ll also give you info on how to get Mutations, and how, if you should so desire, to get rid of them.

For more on Fallout 76, be sure to check out our Fallout 76 Guides Hub. It’s got a ton of info on a wide variety of topics. From a list of the best weapons, to a detailed breakdown of the new Perks system—we’ve got you covered.

Fallout 76 Mutations

You may have come across some references to Mutations while exploring the radiative wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76. Well, Mutations are an interesting new system which offers players the chance to gain extra stat buffs by taking in radiation. There is a catch though, as many of the Mutations also carry negative effects as well. It’s all a bit random (just like genetic mutations in real life), but we’ve been busy pulling all of the key info for you in the guide below.

Fallout 76 Mutations Explained - How to Get a Mutation in Fallout 76

So, Mutations are essentially special perks that grant both stat boosts and stat losses, but how exactly do you get them? To get a Mutation in Fallout 76, you’ll need to expose your character to some serious Rads. It’s unclear what the threshold for Mutations is, but we do know that this is the only way to get them in the game. If you need to get rid of a Mutation for any reason, then just use Radaway to bring your Rads down. The best ways to get a Mutation in Fallout 76 have been listed below:

  • Drinking unurified water
  • Standing close to petrified Scorched corpses
  • Swimming in water
  • Finding and standing next to radioactive waste

Fallout 76 Starched Gene Perk - How to Keep a Mutation

Mutations will go away over time as you lose Rads, but there is a way to ensure that any Mutations you apply stick around. The Starched Genes Perk can be applied to keep Mutations. While it is equipped, you won’t be able to gain a Mutation through Rads, or lose one using Radaway. If you get any Mutations that you’d like to keep, make sure you have the Starched Genes Perk Card.

Fallout 76 Mutations List

We’ve listed all of the Mutations that you can get in Fallout 76, below. Be sure to pay close attention to the associated stats, as some are positive, some negative.

  • Adrenal Reaction: Increased weapon damage and quick health regeneration at low HP, -50 Max HP
  • Bird Bones: +4 intelligence, falling speed is slower, - 4 strength
  • Carnivore: Meat provides 2x normal benefit, vegetables provide zero benefit
  • Chameleon: Grants invisibility, as long as you don't have a weapon and don't move.
  • Eagle Eyes: Critical Damage +25%, +4 Perception, -4 Strength
  • Egg Head: +6 intelligence, -3 strength, -3 endurance
  • Electrically Charged: Chance to shock melee attackers.
  • Empath: Teammates take -25% damage, players takes +25% damage
  • Grounded: +100 energy resistance, -20% energy damage
  • Healing Factor: +300% health regeneration, -55% chem effects
  • Herbivore: Vegetables provide 2x normal benefit, meat provides zero benefit
  • Herd Mentality: +2 to all Special Stats when in a group, -2 to all Special Stats when solo
  • Marsupial: +20 carry weight, + jump height, -4 intelligence.
  • Plague Walker: Poison aura that scales with your diseases.
  • Scaly skin: +50 damage, +50 damage resistance, -25 action points
  • Scaly Skin: +50 Damage and Energy Resistance, -25AP
  • Speed Demon: +20 movement speed and faster reload
  • Talons: + 25% damage using unarmed attacks, -4 agility
  • Twisted Muscles: +25% melee damage, better chance to cripple limbs, -50% gun accuracy.
  • Unstable Isotope: Chance to irradiate melee attackers

Fallout 76 Best Mutations

Now you know what Mutations are available in Fallout 76, which ones should you go for? The problem is that most of the Mutations - while granting positive effects - also give negative ones as well. The best Mutations will depend on situation, but we’ve listed some good all-rounders below:

  • Herbivore: Vegetables provide 2x normal benefit, meat provides zero benefit
  • Marsupial: +20 carry weight, + jump height, -4 intelligence.
  • Eagle Eye: +4 perception, -4 strength
  • Healing Factor: +300% health regeneration, -55% chem effects

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