Devil May Cry 5 Spoilers FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Devil May Cry 5 Spoilers FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Everything you wanted to know about Devil May Cry 5, including endings, character deaths, and how to unlock the secret ending!

Be warned: Here there be spoilers for the whole story of Devil May Cry 5.

After over a decade, a new Devil May Cry game has finally hit shelves. Devil May Cry 5 launched on March 8 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Capcom Dev 1 and director Hideaki Itsuno are back to giving fans the hardcore game they've wanted.

I recommend that you pick up Devil May Cry 5 yourself, as it's an excellent game. Perhaps you have questions about this latest entry though. Maybe you wish to know the fate of Dante, to steel yourself before diving in on your own. Or you're a big Trish fan and you want to know if her dark soul is finally filled with light? This spoiler FAQ is here to answer all your big questions.

How Long is Devil May Cry 5?

It took me around 15 hours to finish the campaign. That's a total of 20 missions run straight through, with some exploring for hidden secrets and a few of the 12 secret missions completed. Like previous games, it's meant to be replayed as you become better at mastering combos.

How Many Difficulty Levels Are Available in Devil May Cry 5?

Like many games in the franchise, Devil May Cry 5 is all about the challenge. It has a total of six different difficulty levels, two of which are available when you first boot up the game. The bolded options are the starting difficulties, while the others are unlocked after completing the game in Human or Devil Hunter:

  • Human
  • Devil Hunter
  • Son Of Sparda
  • Dante Must Die
  • Heaven Or Hell
  • Hell And Hell
Dante activates his Devil Trigger. | Mike Williams/USG, Capcom
  • Human - This is the easy difficulty for Devil May Cry 5. Enemies have less health and deal less damage. If you're just learning the ropes, start here. With the added auto-assist combos, almost anyone can play Devil May Cry 5.

  • Devil Hunter - This is Devil May Cry 5's normal difficulty level, meant for DMC veterans.

  • Son of Sparda - Beat the game in Devil Hunter difficulty to unlock this. Enemy damage and health are increased, harder enemies spawn earlier in the campaign, and you'll sometimes encounter more enemies than you did in Devil Hunter.

  • Dante Must Die - Like before, you need to overcome the Son of Sparda difficulty to unlock this mode. Enemies have double the health of the previous mode, and are far more punishing if they hit you. Enemies also get their own Devil Trigger modes if you take too long to finish them, increasing their damage even further. Finishing this unlocks the Super costumes for each character, which gives you infinite Devil Trigger meter. The Super costumes knock down your style rank by 80 percent. Beating Dante Must Die also unlocks Heaven and Hell, and Hell and Hell difficulties.

  • Heaven and Hell - This is not actually more difficult than Dante Must Die in terms of enemy tuning. Instead, Heaven and Hell makes everything die in a single hit, including yourself. It makes ranged attacks far more powerful overall, as pistols will easily crush anything. Use this mode as the easiest way to unlock the secret ending mentioned below.

  • Hell and Hell - So, this is one is new. In this mode, you die in a single hit, like Heaven and Hell, but the enemies retain the same health as the earlier difficulties. You're also stuck with three revives per mission; once those are gone, you have to start the mission at the beginning, as Gold Orbs won't work.

Is The Bloody Palace in Devil May Cry 5?

Not yet. If you don't know what Bloody Palace is, it's a horde-style mode, where you fight across multiple floors of demonic challenges. It's been a staple of the series since Devil May Cry 2. It's coming to Devil May Cry 5 as free DLC in April 2019. No further details about who will be playable, or how many floors we can expect are currently available.

V tries to wield Rebellion. | Mike Williams/USG, Capcom

Who is V?

This mysterious figure is the one who brings Dante, Nero, and the rest into the apocalyptic situation. V knows Urizen very well, and hopes that by bringing everyone in ahead of time, they can stop Urizen before he gets too powerful. It doesn't work.

Why does V know Urizen? Because V and Urizen are in fact the two separated halves of Vergil, the brother to Dante and father to Nero. V is his human side, while Urizen is the demon side. Yep, Vergil is back.

Does Devil May Cry 5 Have Multiple Endings?

Well, sort of. There is a single, proper end to the Sons of Sparda storyline that has stretched across the entire series. There's no choices to make, outside of deciding if you prefer Punch Line or Rawhide out of Nero's Devil Breakers.

That said, you can find a secret ending if you're good enough. In the prologue mission, Nero is pitted against Urizen, the villain of Devil May Cry 5. The normal course of events sees you get beaten, with Nero and new comrade V leaving their beaten friends behind. If you can prevail over Urizen, you'll get a simple text ending:

"The one who usurped the demon throne was vanquished. Peace returned to the world above. Indeed, this was the perfect conclusion all had hoped for. Come, raise your fist in victory and celebration. A new legend has been born."

You'll also be rewarded with the "Well I'll Be Damned" trophy. It's not a particularly satisfying ending, especially compared to the real one.

The proper ending sees V and Urizen merged into Vergil again. Then the final fight pits father against son. When Nero wins the fight, Vergil realizes that his march onward towards power was a futile one. Dante and Vergil head into the underworld together, sibling rivalry intact, and leave Nero behind to protect the human world.

"Spoilers!" | Mike Williams/USG, Capcom

Who Lives and Who Dies in Devil May Cry 5?

Does Nero Die in Devil May Cry 5?

Nope. Nero is left as the premier devil hunter by the end of the game though. He finally knows who is father is, thanks to the events of this game. Of course, that's a cold comfort, because it's not like he gets to spend much time with dear old dad. Nero gets more love from Dante.

Does Dante Die in Devil May Cry 5?

Nope, though he does take a (supposedly) one-way trip to the underworld in order to fight demons on their own turf. In the end, Dante ends up in where he belongs, in the heat of things, killing demons with his brother. Against his brother? Either way, it's what they both want.

Does V Die in Devil May Cry 5?

Yes, sort of? He's merged with Urizen to bring back Vergil, as noted above. Vergil does give Nero the book that V was always toting around, telling him to return it when they meet again. So perhaps that's a hint that we may see V again in the future? I wouldn't hold my breath though.

Does Nico Die in Devil May Cry 5?

Nah, she's fine by time the credits roll around. And she gets to meet Dante, the man who wields Ebony and Ivory, the mythic pistols crafted by her grandmother. He's also the man who killed her father, Agnus, in Devil May Cry 4, but she doesn't seem to hold that against him.

You don't get much more than this. | Mike Williams/USG, Capcom

Do Trish, Lady, Kyrie, or Lucia Appear in Devil May Cry 5?

Trish and Lady are part of the original crew that shows up to fight Urizen in the prologue. Kyrie is mentioned a few times, but never appears in game. Lucia is never mentioned, nor does she appear. None of them die in DMC 5 at least!

Do Trish and Lady Do Anything in Devil May Cry 5?

Sadly no, outside of getting beaten alongside Dante in the game's prologue. Both are rescued, in rather naked form. (They were all beaten at the same time, but Dante is found later fully-clothed, which is a missed opportunity.) dante even ends up with a weapon meant for Lady. Trish does help Nero into a van though! They don't even get to keep the Devil May Cry office after Dante is gone, because Morrison gets the deed.

Analyzing the Story of Devil May Cry 5 With Spoilers

Look, the truth is the story of every Devil May Cry is complete nonsense. It's all full of demonic possession, epic fights, and family drama. It rarely surprises, except when it pulls new situations out of nowhere. Taken in that respect, Devil May Cry 5 is a perfect end to the tale.

I mean, the climax of the entire thing is Vergil's return. Devil May Cry 5 offers us Vergil's third defeat chronologically. He was the primary antagonist of Devil May Cry 3, which is the earliest game in the timeline. There he was defeated by Dante, falling in the Underworld. He appears again in Devil May Cry as Nelo Angelo, where he's defeated again, this time burned to nothing by blue flames. Now he's back again as both a playable character (V) and the antagonist (Urizen), before becoming whole. And then summarily defeated by his son.

Looked back in aggregate, Devil May Cry 5 feels like it's mostly about moving pieces on the board. Vergil, a fan-favorite character, is finally on the "good guys" side. And his son, who was intended to fully take over the franchise in Devil May Cry 4, is now the sole Devil Hunter in the human world. (When, in his incessant quest for power, did Vergil find time to have a relationship?) Dante and Vergil are gone, but not dead, and Nero is Diet Dante, wandering the world and looking stylish.

Devil May Cry 5 is nonsense, but it's the same nonsense that fans have come to expect and love. If Devil May Cry 6 revealed that Sparda, father of Dante and Vergil, isn't dead, I wouldn't be surprised at all. It's the craziest style of soap opera plotting and I honestly don't expect it to change. I should be alternatively saying, "That's dumb" and "That's cool" when playing Devil May Cry. Taken like that, Devil May Cry 5 absolutely fits the bill.

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