The Weirdest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Created Stages We've Found so Far

The Weirdest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Created Stages We've Found so Far

Maybe the creative power of gods in the hands of Smash Bros. players was a mistake.

Today marks a new dawn for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not only is everyone's favorite Phantom Thief, Joker, finally here in playable fighting form, but with the introduction of update 3.0 we can also create our own stages.

And there have been some absolute horrors already. Maybe Masahiro Sakurai giving everyone the power of creation was a mistake, like Prometheus giving man the power of fire. These are the strangest created stages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that we've found so far. Brace yourselves.

Realm of Wah

What is wrong with everyone wanting Waluigi in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? You've already got Wario, along with his ability to fart on people and knock them out with his buns of steel, but you want Waluigi as well?

Well you don't have a playable Waluigi, but you can now fight atop Waluigi's body in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as he stares at the heavens, cursing the gods that made him.

Steve Harvey

Yeah, this was a mistake. The Family Feud host has now made his way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sort of.

Do you think Nintendo knows who Steve Harvey is? I like to imagine Masahiro Sakurai as a longtime viewer of Family Feud. Remember when Steve Harvey was meant to be playing an active role in the Trump administration, alongside Ben Carson? That was a fun fever dream.


I knew it was going to happen. You knew it was going to happen. Hell, Nintendo probably knew it was going to happen and it was powerless to stop it.

You can now fight around a Bowsette stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Have at it, you heathens.

Horrific Patrick

Well at least they're honest. Everyone's favorite animated starfish has made his way from Bikini Bottom to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and I can't wait to fight it out with Horrific Patrick looking on.

There's actually a ton of other Spongebob-related creations in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Stage Builder. Is this a generational thing, where suddenly Spongebob has now shot to fame with the rise of meme culture? I hope so, because I'm absolutely here for it.


Here comes everyone's favorite crying Pokemon! The creature that was said to embody the millennial culture of self-loathing and depression has come aboard Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

I'm actually not a massive fan of Sobble. Don't get me wrong, he looks perfectly adorable, but he's got nothing in Grookey, the true starter that everyone will be picking when Pokemon Sword and Shield releases at the end of this year.

Strange Guy

Christ, imagine fighting it out atop this monstrosity. I honestly wouldn't be able to take my eyes off the main portion of the stage at any point, lest the titular Strange Guy come to life, and run out of the TV at me, Grudge-style.

My Swamp

Who doesn't love a bit of Shrek? At USG we're all big fans of the swamp dweller, as is our sister site, Eurogamer. If only Shrek was a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, able to bring in Donkey and the dragon in via Assist Trophies. Do the right thing, Nintendo.

Masahiro Sakurai

No, not the Masahiro Sakurai. It's been taken down from Google now, but there was an extensive period last year where Google misidentified some random guy as the creator of Smash Bros. Never mind that they literally looked nothing alike. Although this proves that at least Skynet has some work to do with facial recognition before they take over Earth.

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