God of War Baldur Boss Guide - How to Defeat Baldur in God of War, Baldur Weaknesses

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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The Stranger from the very beginning of the game has turned out to be Baldur, and Kratos and Atreus will have to team up to defeat this god in God of War. In this God of War Baldur boss guide, we’ll be walking you through how to defeat Baldur, as there’s several steps to this complex and challenging boss battle.

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God of War Baldur Boss Guide

The Stranger was revealed to be Baldur roughly halfway through God of War, but now Kratos and Atreus will have to take down the god for good, in order to proceed with their ultimate journey to reach the very top of Jotunheim, and scatter the ashes of Atreus’ mother, and Kratos’ wife. If you're finding the Baldur boss rather tricky, maybe you'll do better once you get the best armor in God of War.

Very little is actually known about Baldur in Norse mythology, although oddly enough, he was always depicted as the "good guy", whereas Cory Barlog and Sony Santa Monica have repurposed him as the villain for God of War. It's an interesting twist, but in both tales he's made invulnerable to basically everything, with the single exception of mistletoe.

God of War Baldur Boss Phase 1 Guide

God of War Baldur

The first stage of the fight with Baldur puts you both on a level playing field, and since Baldur has no elemental affinities in this first phase, we’d recommend using the Blades of Chaos, since they’re quicker than the Leviathan Axe. You’ll want to use Atreus’ arrows in quick succession whenever you can in this fight, and we’d recommend going with the shock arrows to temporarily stun Baldur.

All throughout this boss battle, Kratos and Baldur will be ensnared in roots rising up from the ground, and you’ll have to tap circle as quickly as possible in order to break free from the vines. If you can manage to break free quicker than Baldur, you can land a few quick hits in before he fully recovers from being trapped.

God of War Baldur Boss Phase 2 Guide

God of War Baldur

Things get a lot more hectic once Baldur has been stabbed with the mistletoe and you’re into the second phase of the fight. Sticking with the Blades of Chaos in this phase, you’ll want to make sure to immediately raise your shield whenever you see Baldur zip around the battlefield, as this means he’s moving in for an attack. If you time your press of the right bumper correctly, Kratos can throw off the attack with his shield, letting you hit home with a counterattack on Baldur.

God of War Baldur Boss Phase 3 Guide

You’ll know the third phase of the boss fight with Baldur has kicked off when he takes on fiery elemental attacks, signifying it’s time to switch back to the Leviathan Axe. You’ll want Atreus to focus on the minions around the arena with his shock arrows, chaining attacks between them if possible, and you’ll also need to be quick on your feet to avoid Baldur’s fiery area of effect attacks. You can tell one of these is coming when he rises up into the air, and at this point you’ll want to quickly dodge-roll around the battlefield.

God of War Baldur Boss Phase 4 Guide

God of War Baldur

The fourth phase is a brief one, but it’s almost entirely based in quick time events. You’ll start out blocking attacks from Baldur with the left bumper, but when he goes to slam both his fists down on Kratos, move in the opposite direction from where he’s stood, causing him to miss and let Kratos land a vicious counterattack. There are several instances of quick time events with Atreus’ arrows using the square button, so be prepared to let a couple of arrows loose at a moments notice.

God of War Baldur Boss Phase 5 Guide

God of War Baldur

In the fifth and final phase of the boss fight with Baldur, you’ll need to be switching weapons depending on what what element he’s taking on. Your Leviathan Axe should be used when he’s fiery, and the Blades of Chaos can be used when he’s a frosty blue. You’ll need to constantly be on the lookout for Baldur’s quick attacks in this phase, all of which you can then block and retaliate to using your shield.

This is all the information that you’ll need to safely see Kratos and Atreus through the God of War boss fight with Baldur, and to whatever waits them on the other side. Head over to our Idunn Apple locations guide, or our Horn of Blood Mead locations guide if you need help tracking down either collectible item.

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