God of War Between the Realms Walkthrough

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

Guide by Hirun Cryer, Tom Orry, .

Between the Realms sees Kratos and Atreus continuing their journey towards Jotunheim, the highest peak in all the God of War realms. In this God of War Between the Realms walkthrough, we’ll be guiding you through how to complete the quest as quickly and smoothly as possible, as well as pointing out how to deal with particularly difficult and tricky enemies.

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God of War Between the Realms Walkthrough

Starting out the Between the Realms quest in God of War, you’ll want to head out of the Bifrost and into Brok’s Shop, turning left and activating the Mystical Gateway there to fast travel. You can now pick the option labelled ‘The Realm Between Realms’, in order to travel to the correct destination.

Head forward when you’re in the fast travel zone, and then turn off to your right, interacting with the edge of the area in order to have Kratos, Atreus, and the head of Mimir prepare to jump off the edge of the map, and into the unknown.

Enter the Jotunheim Tower, and use the Unity Stone on the pedestal at the very back of the area, to kick off the next section of the quest. In this next section, you’ll be given the challenging of surviving waves upon waves of increasingly difficult enemies. In this first phase, your Blades of Chaos can wreak havoc among the weaker enemies, so make sure to chain your quick attacks together, and you’ll have dealt with them in no time.

In the next phase for Alfheim, you’ll have to defeat two of the more powerful dark elf enemies, one after the other. We’d definitely recommend using Atreus’ shock arrows for this phase, and now would be the opportune time to unleash a Spartan Rage attack, provided you’ve got one stashed away and ready to go.

The next realm to appear is Helheim, which means you’ll be up against lots of weaker and more powerful frost Draugr. This is where the Blades of Chaos shine, and you should also use any of Atreus’ abilities to thin out the horde of attackers, taking out the weaker Draugr before you turn your attention to the few more powerful ones arriving near the end of the wave.

In the final phase from Muspelheim, Kratos will have to take down an ogre and a troll, at the same time. We’d definitely recommend taking out the ogre first, using the execution move with the right analog stick so you can mount it, and use it’s flailing arms attacks to deal damage to the troll.

Now turn your attention to the troll, and once you defeat it you’ll be outside, back in Midgard, and ready to continue the God of War journey with Atreus. If you are finding the Between the Realms quest a bit tough, maybe you'll do better with the best God of War armor.

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