God of War Bridge Keeper Boss Guide - How to Defeat Mattugr Helson

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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Mattugr Helson, also known as the Bridge Keeper boss, is a powerful enemy in God of War, and he’s not someone that Kratos wants to put a foot wrong against. In this God of War Bridge Keeper boss guide, we’ll be walking you through how to defeat the Bridge Keeper, as well as all the various items and abilities you’ll gain as a reward for taking down the powerful boss in Helheim.

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God of War Bridge Keeper Boss Guide

If you're in a rush and you need a few quick pointers to help you take down the Bridge Keeper, check out our tips just below:

God of War Bridge Keeper Essential Tips

  • The Bridge Keeper's sweeping attacks come in chains of four.
  • Whenever you're away from the boss, he'll send shards of ice across the battlefield at you.
  • To avoid the ice attacks, run in a circle around the boss.
  • For the wave attacks, you'll need to sprint through the gaps in each wave to avoid the attack.
God of War Bridge Keeper Boss

The Bridge Keeper boss basically functions like every other giant boss you’ve encountered so far in God of War. Mattugr Helson has a massive stone obelisk that he’ll use in an attempt to pummel Kratos into the ground, among various other vicious attacks. He has the ability to chain several sweeping attacks together with the obelisk, all of which usually come in groups of four, with the fourth and final attacks being an area of effect attack on the ground.

God of War Bridge Keeper Boss

The Bridge Keeper has one twist on this established formula: he can teleport. This makes things incredibly tricky, and it means that the boss can basically withdraw from combat whenever he wants to, in order to shoot icy attacks from Kratos from the other side of the battlefield. When Mattugr Helson does this, you need to close the distance to the boss as quickly as possible, slightly circling the boss so you can try and avoid the projectile frost attacks.

God of War Bridge Keeper Boss

There’s also another attack that the Bridge Keeper can execute when he teleports away from Kratos during the fight. This attack sends waves of energy across the battlefield, throwing Kratos back if he gets hit by any of the waves. You need to identify the gaps in the waves, and then quickly sprint through them, making your way towards the Bridge Keeper so you can hit home with several attacks before he comes out of this phase.

God of War Bridge Keeper Boss

The final thing you need to be wary of when taking on the Bridge Keeper is the minions that he can summon onto the battlefield, all of which you’ve previously fought on your journey through Helheim so far. We’d recommend taking these minions out as soon as possible, as they can be a nuisance if you instead turn your back on them and focus purely on the Bridge Keeper instead.

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