God of War Escape From Helheim Walkthrough

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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Escape from Helheim finds Kratos and Atreus trapped in the hellish realm in God of War, struggling to find their way back to the realm of Midgard. In this God of War Escape From Helheim walkthrough, we’ll guide you through completing the quest as quickly as possible, as well as pointing out the locations of collectibles and hidden items along the way.

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God of War Escape From Helheim Walkthrough

At the beginning of the Escape From Helheim quest in God of War, Kratos and Atreus will start climbing up the wall immediately on their left, all the way round until the pair uncover the new Helheim Landing area.

Now climb to the top of the tower, and you’ll have to defeat a frost Draugr, and then destroy the nearby vines with the Blades of Chaos. You can now head round the corner and open up a chest to gain some Hacksilver. Then open up the large gate next to Kratos, and you can head across the long bridge, where Nightmares and Draugr will appear.

Open up the gate at the end of the bridge, and Kratos and Atreus will see a vision of past events in God of War. Now climb down the tower using the nooks in the wall, and at the bottom of the tower you’ll have a puzzle to solve using Winds of Hel energy. Grab the energy source and put into the orb on the door on the left. Then freeze the circle on the left side of the door to keep it in place, and transfer the Winds of Hel energy to the other side of the door, letting you open up the entire door.

You’ll now have to defeat a very powerful Draugr, but you’ll be rewarded with a Chaos Flame for your efforts, which will let you upgrade the Blades of Chaos when you next visit a shop. Now open up the gate, and turn right, where you’ll need to destroy some vines using the Blades of Chaos, and then defeat a frost Draugr.

Now turn right and push the block of stone forward, as far as it will go. Now return to the area where you fought the strong Draugr, and you can destroy another set of vines there, hopping over a to the platform on the left, and over to the right where you can open up a chest containing some Solid Svartalheim Steel.

Proceed ahead, and you’ll come to a section where you’ll have to climb around Baldur, while he too sees a vision just like Kratos and Atreus did earlier. Climb all the way around the area, and you’ll be able to drop down to an arena with plenty of frost Draugr and nightmares for Kratos and Atreus to slay.

Once you’re done with the Draugr, you can find a giant stone cube on the left of the area, that Kratos can push off the end of the area, creating a bridge over to a new section. There’s a Nornir chest you can unlock in this area, and you should start by pulling the stone cube on the right all the way back, so Kratos can use it to climb up to a new ledge.

Look to your right on this new ledge, and you’ll see a seal jar in the distance that you can break, provided you aim the Leviathan Axe just above it. Now drop back down to where the chest is, and you can find the second seal jar exactly where the stone cube originally started.

For the final seal jar, push the stone cube towards its original place, but stop just before it, so you can squeeze round and get behind it. Look inside the block to find the third and final seal jar. Now head back to the chest, and you can claim a Horn of Blood Mead item, which can increase your Rage meter if you uncover three of the legendary items.

You’ll now need to head back to the original area with the frost Draugr, and you can raise up a fallen stone pillar to reach a ship. Destroy all of the vines on the ship to create fires with the Blades of Chaos, and then head to the back of the ship, where you use a wheel to raise the sails.

Once the ship gets stuck, head to the front of the ship, where you can hack away at part of the ship to release it, freeing the ship and letting you continue on your journey.

Once the ship gets stuck yet again, you’ll need to hop off the ship on the far right side to the stone path, and head all the way forward and to the left, where you can open a chest containing a Stone of Fire Supremacy Legendary Enchantment. Quickly head back to the beginning of the stone path, and you can use the wheel to raise the stone bridge you just used to get off the ship.

Now head to the middle of the area, and you’ll need to hit the yellow block of wood to raise the platform, doing this repeatedly until it rises all the way to the top. As soon as the platform reaches the top, use the Leviathan Axe on the circle to freeze the platform in place, so Kratos can hop off it onto the ledge.

You can now drop down onto the ship, and use Kratos and Atreus’ combined power to lift the ship away from the stone ledge, freeing it once again. In this next section of the journey in God of War in the Skies of Helheim, you’ll need to repel wave upon wave of frost Draugr, some of which are less powerful minions, but some also carry huge great swords and shields.

After a while of slaying Draugr, a huge hook will attack itself to the side of the ship. You now need to defeat all the Draugr in the area, before you can interact with the hook and push it back off the side of the ship.

The entire section will end with Kratos having to defeat an ogre, before the pair jump off the ship to safety in the Bifrost. You’ve now completed the Escape From Helheim quest in God of War, and you’re one step closer to completing the entire journey and arriving in Jotunheim. If you can't escape from Helheim, the best armor in God of War might help you out.

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