God of War Magni Modi Boss Guide - How to Defeat Magni and Modi in God of War

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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Magni and Modi are two of the tougher bosses in God of War, and this boss fight won’t be a stroll in the park for Kratos or Atreus. In this God of War Magni and Modi boss guide, we’ll be walking you through how to defeat Magni and Modi as quickly as possible, as well as all their deadly attacks you need to watch out for.

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God of War Magni and Modi Boss Guide

If you're in a rush to take down both of the brothers as quickly as possible, check out our Magni and Modi essential tips just below:

God of War Magni and Modi Essential Tips

  • Focus on one boss, and leave the other to be distracted by Atreus.
  • As soon as one boss gets stunned and goes down, it's time to lay into the other.
  • When Kratos and Atreus are back to back, keep turning, so you've got a good chance of being near the incoming attack.
  • Remember that you can see the direction of the attack by the red directional arrow near Kratos.

When the Magni and Modi boss fight kicks off in God of War, you’re going to have to unfortunately leave one of the brothers to be distracted by Atreus, while Kratos deals directly with the other. We’d recommend focusing on Magni (the one with the huge sword) while Atreus draws the attention of Modi (the one with the shield).

God of War Magni Modi Boss

Whenever Kratos lands on attack on either boss, the stun meter under their health bar will build up. When it’s full, they’ll go down on one knee, and remain in this position until the other brother is also in the same situation. This means you can take your time with Magni and Modi, laying into one while Atreus distracts the other, and then turning your attention to the other brother once the initial one is down.

God of War Magni Modi Boss

When both the brothers have been eventually knocked down, they’ll smash their weapons together, unleashing a blinding light and covering the battlefield in mist. Kratos and Atreus are now back to back, and you’ll have to rotate the pair around with the right analog stick, looking for signs of any incoming attacks from either brother. The thing that gives it away is the red directional indicator near Kratos, which will always give you a few seconds to face the correct way and raise your shield when an attack comes in.

God of War Magni Modi Boss

Once this stage of the Magni and Modi boss fight is over, you’ll have to repeat the entire thing two more times, knocking down the brothers one by one until they’re both out of the fight. It’s not an easy battle for Kratos and Atreus by any means, but once the fight is eventually over with, you’ll be rewarded with the elusive Frozen Flame legendary item, so you can head back to a shop and permanently upgrade the Leviathan Axe, among other reward items.

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