God of War Muspelheim Cipher Locations - How to Unlock the Muspelheim Realm

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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The Muspelheim Cipher Pieces are scattered all throughout the God of War map, and you’ll have to track them all down if you want to successfully use them to travel to the new realm of Muspelheim from the Bifrost. In this God of War Muspelheim guide, we’ll be walking you through all the Muspelheim Cipher Piece locations spread over the course of the entire game, so Kratos and Atreus can unlock a brand new realm to explore.

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God of War Muspelheim Cipher Locations

Here we've got all the God of War Muspelheim Cipher Piece Locations for you. Follow our guide and you'll have them all without having to do too much hard work - as we've done it for you.

God of War Muspelheim Cipher Piece Location 1

The very first Muspelheim Cipher Piece in God of War can be found just after you encounter the Wyrm enemies for the very first time, on your journey up to the base of the mountain. Once you’re through the doors on the opposite end of the bridge from Tyr’s Temple, turn right, and use your Leviathan Axe to freeze the brazier spewing toxic gas ahead of you.

After this, you’ll jump off a ledge, and be attacked by another Wyrm. Defeated the enemy, freeze the brazier ahead of you, and open the chest in the area to recover the first Muspelheim Cipher Piece.

God of War Muspelheim Cipher Piece Location 2

The second Muspelheim Cipher Piece in God of War can be located once Kratos and Atreus have successfully travelled to Alfheim, as part of the main story of the game. All you have to do to uncover this elusive item is to fight through the very first dark elves you encounter.

After the combat skirmish, you’ll need to throw the Leviathan Axe to smash through two tendons blocking your path, and then immediately turn right, where you can find a rather elite looking chest. Use Atreus’ knife to open up the chest, and you can obtain the second Muspelheim Cipher Piece.

Muspelheim Cipher

God of War Muspelheim Cipher Piece Location 3

The next Muspelheim Cipher Piece can be found in the chest just off The Summit area, as soon as you’ve kicked off the ‘New Destination’ quest in God of War. Simply head off the Summit area on the only path available to you, and you can find a chest on the left of the path, which Atreus can once again unlock with his dagger. You can now claim the third Muspelheim Cipher Piece, bringing you one step closer to unlocking the realm of Muspelheim.

Muspelheim Cipher

God of War Muspelheim Cipher Piece Location 4

For the fourth and final Muspelheim Cipher Piece, you need to head past the statue of Thor on the Lake of Nine, and into the secret entrance to the Witch’s Cave, all this taking place just after you’ve descended down from The Summit with Mimir.

Muspelheim Cipher

Once you’ve used the elevator and defeated the two Revenants that spawn in the cave, turn right and head into a new area, but then turn right again, coming to an area on top of a small waterfall with a chest. Open the chest to retrieve the final Muspelheim Cipher Piece.

Muspelheim Cipher

Unlock the Muspelheim Realm in God of War

As soon as all four Muspelheim Cipher Pieces have been retrieved by Kratos and Atreus, you’re clear to use the Bifrost in Tyr’s Temple to transport yourself to the new, mysterious realm of Muspelheim, and all the challenges that await the pair within.

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