God of War Walkthrough - A New Destination Guide

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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A New Destination starts of with Kratos and Atreus refocusing their epic journey to reach a new peak, along with Mimir’s recently decapitated head. In this God of War New Destination walkthrough, we’ll be guiding you through the quickest path to completing the story quest, along with providing solutions to puzzle scenarios and powerful boss fights.

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God of War A New Destination Walkthrough

Starting out at the very top of the mountain, you’ll want to head down the sole path on the area, stopping part way down to unlock a chest containing a Muspelheim Cipher Piece. Turning right at the end of this path, you can find a brand new Mystic Gateway to unlock. Travel back to Brok’s Shop, and head outside, where you should get in the boat on the right.

Now head to the statue nearby of Thor, and Atreus will begin pointing in a direction. You want to head just to the left of the giant statue, where a new pathway is now available for Kratos and Atreus to sail up. Dock at the end of the river, and you can unlock another Mystic Gateway on your left for use later on.

Now use Atreus’ shock arrows to smash through the tree sap, and you can ride the elevator all the way back to the Witch’s Cave, where you’ll be attacked by two Revenants. Make sure to use shock arrows to take out the Revantants quickly, and you can then use the arrows to smash through the tree sap to the right of the lift that you just used.

Turn right as soon as you’re inside, and you can head forward to open a chest that contains the final Muspelheim Cipher Piece.

In the area after you smashed through the tree sap, you can head to the back and look up, to see one of three seal jars that Kratos can smash with his Leviathan Axe.

Now head back out to where you fought the Revenants, and head down the ledge on your right, where you can now create several new light bridges with Atreus’ arrows. Before you cross this first bridge however, look to your left to see the second seal jar hidden behind the waterfall, which you can smash with the axe.

Head across the first bridge, and then turn to your right to create a new bridge, which will lead you to a sap deposit. Pick up a sap orb, and turn around, heading past the locked chest and throwing the orb at the sap above you straight ahead. Now smash through it with Atreus’ arrows, and climb up, where you’ll be able to smash the final seal jar, as well as uncovering a new Hidden Chamber door. Return to the chest below to claim a Horn of Blood Mead item, or turn left to uncover more treasures.

Head forward into this new area, and turn right where you can see a several long wooden planks against the wall. Smash through the board at the top, then send Atreus up there, where he can crawl through the small gap and emerge on the ledge to the left. You’ll now need to smash the boards on the ground to your left, and drag the massive cart over to where Atreus is, so he can hop on it and you can take him over to the left end. Now smash the boards so Atreus can jump to the new ledge on the left, and then he’ll arrive at the sand pedestal.

You now need to smash the boards high up on the left of Atreus, so he can read the runes and write them in the sand. This will cause the entire platform he’s on to lower, so Kratos can hop over and claim the Murder of Crows Runic Summon in the chest there. You can now head all the way back to the beginning of this area where you smashed through the very first seal jar, as you can climb all the way up out of this large well, and arrive near the Witch’s house itself.

Once you’re at the top of the well, head forwards into the open space, and you’ll be attacked by several stronger Draugr with shield, so make sure to use Atreus’ shock arrows when he’s positioned behind them, to catch them off guard. After the Draugr are defeated, there’s a small button prompt near the giant turtle, that you can use to uncover an Oblivion Stone, a Rare Enchantment, and a bunch of XP for Kratos and Atreus.

Now turn around and climb up the chain ahead of you, where you’ll find a locked chest at the top. Leave this for now, and deal with the heavy Draugr that ambush you with axes, before heading to the very end of this path. You can now press square to have Atreus memorize the runic symbols scattered around the area, before head back and descending down the chain.

Now turn left, and head to the sand pedestal that was previously below Kratos and Atreus. Have Atreus interact with the pedestal, and he’ll write down the runes, uncovering a massive stone structure with a chest that contains a Storm of the Elks Runic Summon. Now all that's’ left to do is head into the Witch’s house nearby through the door, and watch the ensuing cutscene play out.

After departing the Witch’s house, head down the elevator in the cave that you previously used, and use the Mystic Gateway to travel back to Brok’s Shop. Head outside, and interact with the level in the middle of the area. Once at the top, interact the horn to conclude the New Destination quest in God of War.

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