God of War The Stranger Boss Fight - How to Defeat The Stranger in God of War

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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The Stranger is one mysterious figure in the new God of War, and marks the second overall boss fight in the game, although he’s an especially tough slog to get through. In this God of War The Stranger boss guide, we’ll be walking you through how to defeat the powerful foe as easily as possible, going through each stage of the complex and challenging fight one after the other.

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God of War The Stranger Boss Guide

You’re now in a boss fight with ‘The Stranger’, an unknown but incredibly powerful enemy. If you're in a hurry to get the fight over with, check out our few essential tips for overcoming the boss just below:

God of War The Stranger Boss Essential Tips

  • Keep your shield up, and lock onto the Stranger with the right stick.
  • The icy ground attack is telegraphed by the Stranger raising both fists into the air.
  • The boss can chain three quick attacks together, but you can block them all with your shield.
  • Remember that if you can block just before an attack hits you, Kratos will parry the blow.

Using your shield to block is key to overcoming this fight, as you’ll always want to be holding up your shield, and be locked on to the Stranger by pressing the right analog stick to keep track of where he is.

God of War The Stranger Boss

The fight isn’t too challenging in this first phase, but the one attack you need to look out for is when the Stranger sends an icy attack along the ground in your direction, which is given away by a small red ring emanating from the boss when he raises his fists in the air.

In the final fight with the Stranger, when Kratos has drawn his Leviathan Axe after dumping a gigantic stone monument onto the Stranger, you need to watch out for one new attack in particular. There are times where the Stranger will jump up into the air, slamming down on the ground shortly after with a massive blast of ice. You can tell where the Stranger is going to land by keeping track of the red directional marker near Kratos, which will let you know if the Stranger is going to slam down somewhere out of your line of sight.

God of War The Stranger Boss

The only other thing you need to be on guard for in the fight with the Stranger is his quick succession of three attack. You can either dodge these three attack, or you can block them using Kratos’ shield. If you choose the latter method, there’ll be a brief bit of slow-mo once the Stranger lands his final attack. During this, you can press the right bumper to attack the Stranger with the Leviathan Axe, sending him flying backwards. Once you’re done with the Stranger, return to the house and Atreus to conclude the Marked Trees quest of God of War, and continue onwards in the epic journey.

God of War The Stranger Boss

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