God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough - How to Find All Lost and Found Toy Artifacts, Jotnar Shrines, All Idunn Apple Locations

This God of War walkthrough and guide includes collectible locations, weapons, armor, secrets, Valkyries and more.

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There are a ton of collectibles in each and every area in God of War, including the Wildwoods area, used as the starting location of the game. In this God of War Wildwoods collectibles guide, we’ll be walking you through how to find all the Lost and Found Toys, as well as how to find the Jotnar Shrine and the Idunn Apple hidden around the map.

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God of War Wildwoods Collectibles Guide

There are a total of three types of collectibles hidden throughout the Wildwoods area in God of War, and these are the Lost and Found artifacts, which are actually Atreus’ toys that have somehow got scattered all over the valley, Jotnar Shrines, which hold key lore information, and Idunn Apples, which are used to increase the maximum health of Kratos.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

In the guide below, we’ll split up the guide by collectible, so you know exactly where to look to find all four Lost and Found artifacts, the sole Jotnar Shrine, and the single Idunn Apple in the Wildwoods area.

God of War Lost and Found Artifact Locations

You’ll find the first Lost and Found collectible after you exit the house with Kratos for the first time. Turn right, and follow the perimeter all around the outside, until you come to a shaded area on a small pathway. The first Lost and Found collectible artifact will be here on the ground, emitting a glow.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

You’ll find the second Lost and Found artifact right after this initial one, once you’ve headed through the open gate with Atreus and are looking for deer tracks. When Atreus waits for you by the stairs, instead turn left and head down the sloping ground next to the stone set of stairs. The Lost and Found collectible is found on the ground right here.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

The third Lost and Found collectible can be found right after you’ve had your first encounter with the Draugr in God of War. When you’re faced with a choice of three paths straight after the fight, turn right and head all the way to the end of the narrow path, where you can hop up two small mossy ledges.

Head all the way to the end of this higher path, and you’ll find a chain that Kratos can dropped down, with Atreus on his back. When you’re at the bottom of the chain turn right, and you’ll see the Glowing Lost and Found collectible right in the floor dead ahead of you.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

For the fourth and final Lost and Found artifact, you’ll find yourself faced with a slight puzzle on how to raise a gate, and pass through it without it shutting on you. At this point, abandon the gate puzzle instead and turn around, to where you can see two large wooden doors ahead of you.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

If you pass through these doors, you’ll find yourself in a new area with three hostile wolves and a Draugr. After you’ve killed them all, you’ll find the final Lost and Found artifact just below the stone bridge, just down from the corpse with a healing item.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

God of War Wildwoods Jotnar Shrine Location

The sole Jotnar Shrine in the Wildwoods area of God of War can be found right after that gate puzzle we just mentioned right above. After you’ve raised the gate by using your Leviathan Axe to freeze the spinning plate in place and have passed through, turn to your left, and follow the path round to find a chain that Kratos can climb up with Atreus on his back.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

On this new higher level, head forward and then go up the stairs on your right, where you’ll need to smash some wooden boards just ahead of you with the Leviathan Axe. Now head forward to the end of the corridor towards what looks like a large wooden cabinet, and interact with it to uncover the first Jotnar Shrine in God of War.

God of War Wildwoods Idunn Apple Location

The only Idunn Apple in the Wildwoods can be found after your very first encounter with the Draugr. If you head forwards after the battle, ignoring the paths on your left and right, you’ll come to some wooden boards that you can smash through with your Leviathan Axe.

You’ll now find yourself facing a special chest, which houses the Idunn Apple. To unlock it, you’ll need to smash all three seal jars hidden within the cavern, using your ability to throw the Leviathan Axe at them. The first can be found in a wooden cart to the left of the chest itself.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

The second and third seal are hidden on the walls of the cavern, so look just above Kratos to find both of them on the left and right walls, respectively. Now that you’ve cracked all three seals on the chest, you can open it to claim the only Idunn Apple in the Wildwoods area.

Finding the first Idunn Apple might seem fairly insignificant, but there are nine in total scattered throughout God of War, and for every three Idunn Apples you find, the maximum health of Kratos will be upgraded.

God of War Wildwoods Area Walkthrough

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