Dr. Mario World Release Date, Platforms, Price - Everything We Know

Dr. Mario World Release Date, Platforms, Price - Everything We Know

Here's our guide to Dr. Mario World, including a release date for all mobile platforms, and more.

We knew previously that there would be a Dr. Mario game arriving on mobile this year, but now we have some more concrete details on the game from Nintendo. In this guide to the game, we'll be going over details including the Dr. Mario World release date, the various platforms that the game is coming to, the price of the game, and more.

Dr. Mario World Release Date

The Dr. Mario World release date is July 10, 2019. It arrives at the perfect time for Nintendo, putting itself right in between Super Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, without actually getting in the way of the release of either game.

Dr. Mario World Gameplay

Simply speaking, Dr. Mario World is a puzzle game. You need to match colored objects with colored viruses on your screen, in order to wipe the viruses out, hence the 'doctor' part of Dr. Mario World.

You need to match three objects of the same color, either vertically or horizontally, to make them disappear. However, you need to be careful about your choices, because there's a very limited amount of capsules you can use to clear each stage.

You'll be eliminating viruses with colored capsules. | Nintendo

At launch, there'll be "hundreds" of stages, according to the official Dr. Mario World website. Additionally, Nintendo has pledged to add new worlds on a regular basis after the game has launched, so Dr. Mario World should get new content even after it launches in July.

Dr. Mario World Platforms

Dr. Mario World has been developed by Nintendo exclusively for smartphones. It follows in the footsteps of Pokemon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes, spinning classic Nintendo franchises off for a mobile audience.

As such, Dr. Mario World will be releasing for iOS and Android devices. We can only assume that the game will launch on both platforms at the same time, but we'll update this section should we hear otherwise.

Dr. Mario World Price

While there hasn't been any actual confirmation of a price by Nintendo, it would appear that Dr. Mario World will be free to download at launch. Nintendo's other mobile launches, like Pokemon Go and Fire Emblem Heroes, never charged for downloads, so it's hard to imagine the company starting to charge for downloads with Dr. Mario World.

Right now, you can pre-register for access to Dr. Mario World. While you won't receive early access to the game through this pre-registration system, you can head over to the official Dr. Mario World website and fill in your details, to be notified when the game is available to be downloaded.

For a look at all of the other confirmed games for 2019, be sure to head over to our 2019 Game Releases Guide. You'll find a regularly updated list of 2019 games, sorted by release date, and by platform.

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