The Walking Dead: Our World Guide - Flares, System Requirements, Tips and Tricks, How to Walk, Character Customization

All the info you’ll need to clear your neighbourhood of bloodthirsty walkers.

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The Walking Dead Our World has now launched fully around the world. Players have been busy defending their neighbourhoods from undead hordes, all the while collecting cards and rescuing survivors. The game can be a little daunting early on, given how many different systems are at play, so we've put together this handy guide to help ease you in. In this Walking Dead Our World Guide, we've got beginner's tips and tricks, a look at how flares work, and links to all our other guides for the game. We'll show you how to play The Walking Dead Our World in no time.

We’ll be adding more to this guide as we spend more time with the game, and as it starts to release in other territories across the world. Stay tuned for more details in the future.

The Walking Dead Our World Tips and Tricks - Beginner’s Guide

Fighting off zombies from the streets of your neighbourhood ain’t easy, so we’ve gathered together some sure-fire tips and tricks to ensure you save as many survivors as possible, and make the most of your time in The Walking Dead Our World. Here are our Walking Dead Our World Tips and Tricks:

  • While the AR feature can be fun to use initially, it can make it harder to land headshots on walkers. Much like in Pokemon GO, turning off the AR makes aiming a lot easier, and alleviates some of the bugginess that can crop up when the game is using your camera.
  • You can (and should) increase your Energy Cap by finding and upgrading Duffel Bags. Do this as early as you can, as it will increase the amount of activities you can do before running out of energy.
  • If you’d like to customize your profile a little bit, there’s an option to swap out your portrait. Just tap on your player icon and then choose a new portrait from what you have collected. You get a new portrait each time you save a new survivor, and can change it out any time you want.
  • Higher level missions grant higher level rewards, but don’t be afraid to run lower level missions if you have time, they will still grant you a decent amount of XP and can be completed in a shorter time.
  • You can Mod your weapons using upgrade tokens, this will change the property of the weapon slightly, reducing recoil, for example.
  • If you run out of energy, turn your attention to looting crates.
  • Increase the number of Survivors you can have by finding and upgrading vehicle cards.

If you'd like to know more about how Buildings work in the game, head over to our The Walking Dead Our World Buildings Guide.

The Walking Dead Our World Phone Requirements - Will Walking Dead Our World Work on Your Phone

As with most new mobile games, there are restrictions on what phones The Walking Dead Our World will run on. Luckily, developer Next Games has released the specs you’ll need to run The Walking Dead Our World on your phone. Turns out, you’ll need an iPhone 6s or higher on the Apple side of things, and Android 7.0 or higher on the Android side.

The Walking Dead Our World - How to Get Legendary Cards

Legendary Cards are the best items in the game and grant powerful Survivors, Weapons and more. There are a few ways you can get Legendary Cards in The Walking Dead Our World, which you can take a look at in the following list:

  • You can receive Legendary Cards as rewards for completing Weekly challenges.
  • There is a very small chance to receive Legendary Cards from completing Higher Level Infestations.
  • You can purchase Legendary Cards using in-game currency.

Completing Weekly Challenges is definitely the way to go here, given how low the drop rates for Legendary Cards are at the moment. They do make a pretty big improvement to your game though, so are definitely worth seeking out or even paying for if you’re serious about playing the game.

For more details on Cards in The Walking Dead Our World, head over to our The Walking Dead Our World Cards Guide.

How to Get Coins Fast in The Walking Dead Our World

There are lots of great ways to get more coins in The Walking Dead Our World. Which one you choose depends on your play style, and how much time you have to commit to the game. Generally though, there are some ways that are better than others, which you can read about in our Walking Dead Coins Guide.

How to Walk in The Walking Dead Our World

We've seen a little confusion around the interweb from some players not knowing how to move the character, and walk in Walking Dead Our World. You see, Walking Dead Our World is a GPS AR game just like Pokemon GO. This means that you'll need to walk around in real life to move your character and walk in the game. It's a game that encorages you to get outside and explore, and relies heavily on your GPS location in conjuction with Google Maps.

The Walking Dead Our World Flares - What do Flares do in The Walking Dead Our World?

While playing Walking Dead Our World, you'll notice the option to send out a flare. If you send out a Flare, anyone in your group can fast travel to your location to help you out. You'll get flares as rewards for completing Encounters, and you must be in a group to use them.

That’s all the info you’ll need to get going in The Walking Dead Our World. We’ll be adding more info as we spend more time with the game so stay tuned for further updates.

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