Overwatch Lucio Ball Guide - Tips and Tricks, How to Win

Overwatch Lucio Ball Guide - Tips and Tricks, How to Win

Lucio fans rejoice, for the Lucio Ball event has returned to us in the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event.

Overwatch Lucio Ball, the event that unites all Lucio's worldwide under one banner, is back once again through the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 event, meaning you've got until August 28 to take on the brand new Ranked Lucio Ball mode.

In this Overwatch Lucio Ball guide, we'll be running down how to perfect your skills at the limited Lucio Ball event, as well as what to watch out for while you're playing the eccentric game mode.

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Overwatch Lucio Ball Guide

Firstly, all you need to know about Lucio Ball is that two teams of three Lucios battle it out in a single arena, with a goal at either end of the pitch. A single game of Lucio Ball takes four minutes, and whichever team has scored the most goals after those four minutes wins the game. It's basically Rocket League, but with six Lucios.

Lucio Ball first appeared back in the Overwatch Summer Games 2016.

How to Win Lucio Ball

Firstly, if you haven't played much Lucio before, then you're well out of luck, as you'll need to have a pretty solid knowledge of the character in order to succeed at Lucio Ball. But, there are some changes made to the character for the limited Summer Games 2017 event, namely that right trigger/left click no longer fires Lucio's weapon, but is instead tied to his melee attack.

The melee attack is the only way to propel the ball in the Lucio Ball mode, so you'll need to be right next to the ball in order to actually hit it - there's no ranged gameplay in this mode whatsoever. Lucio's Amp It Up ability now only boosts the character's speed, but this is crucial for speeding around the pitch as quickly as possible in order to hit the ball towards your opponent's goal.

In addition to this, Lucio's Ultimate Ability now boosts his speed, increases his jump height, and also allows him to 'boop' other players for a limited time only (this is the only time where you can boop other players in the Lucio Ball mode). Outside of this, it's a race between every Lucio on the field for control of the ball.

A nice Play of the Game highlight for Lucio Ball.

Below, we've got a handy list of Lucio Ball tips and tricks, in order to better acquaint you with the hectic new mode.

  • Yes, it's a tired old tip, but the team that communicates in Lucio Ball is by far the most likely to win the match.
  • Don't all huddle yourself in one area of the field, or even on your half of the pitch, as it's a better idea for you and your two teammates to spread yourself across the entire pitch.
  • It's essential to have a goalkeeper in Lucio Ball, as you can bet that the other team will constantly be throwing the ball across the entire length of the field, from their goal straight to yours.
  • It can be a good tactic to leave a single player up the opponent's end of the field, ready to wreak havoc among their ranks whenever the ball happens to come their way.
  • If you ever lose track of where the titular Lucio Ball is, there'll be a faint line underneath the ball, whenever it's up in the air.

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These are all the tips and tricks you could ever need in order to get yourself winning at Overwatch's Lucio Ball mode. Now that you've got all this info, all you need to do is find yourself two decent players to take to the pitch with you.

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