Luigi’s Mansion 3 Release Date, New E3 2019 Gameplay, Trailer - Everything We Know

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Release Date, New E3 2019 Gameplay, Trailer - Everything We Know

This is our guide detailing Luigi's Mansion 3, including the release date in 2019, all the new E3 2019 gameplay, and more.

Luigi's Mansion 3 is still on track to release later in 2019, and we now have a better idea of how the game plays thanks to E3 2019. In this guide rounding up all the details we have on the sequel so far, we'll be going over the Luigi's Mansion 3 release date, all the new Luigi's Mansion 3 E3 gameplay, and more.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Release Date

The Luigi's Mansion 3 release date is an unknown point in 2019. As of right now, Nintendo hasn't revealed an exact release date for the sequel. Things take a dark turn in this hotel for Luigi, but this definitely isn't Luigi x The Shining.

Luigi's Mansion E3 2019 Gameplay

In the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct, we got a brand new look at Luigi's Mansion 3. Luigi has a special suction shot ability with his plunger, where he can pull down walls and doors to access new areas. There's also Gooigi, a mirror version of our Luigi that you can take control of to replicate abilities and access new areas. Elsewhere, there's also the new Scarescraper mode for Luigi's Mansion 3. This new mode is time based, with you and Gooigi needing to vanquish all ghosts within the time allowed to emerge victorious.

Just above, you can see a full demo from Nintendo Treehouse for Luigi's Mansion 3. You can summon Gooigi with a single button press, and while he has many of Luigi's abilities, you will need the character to reach some areas with only abilities that he has. For example, Gooigi can walk straight over spikes on the ground, that Luigi won't be able to.

You can play Luigi's Mansion 3 single player, or co-op. Either one player can control both Luigi and Gooigi in story mode, or you can play the game in local co-op, with you and a friend each using a Joy-Con to control Luigi and Gooigi.

The titular mansion of the game actually functions as a hotel. There are a ton of different floors that you can reach using a single elevator in the game, which will take you to different areas including a castle, a production studio, and a basement area, among others.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Trailer

During a Nintendo Direct that aired on September 13, 2018, a brief trailer was shown off for Luigi’s Mansion 3. It didn’t reveal much, but did show off the game running on Nintendo Switch. New powers were shown off, and the ghost catching mechanics look largely unchanged from the previous game. Luigi is seen with a handful of different weapon types, including a plunger that he fires into a ghost’s face.

That’s all we know about Luigi’s Mansion 3 for now. We’ll be sure to keep this page updated as new info is released. To check out what we know about some other upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, head over to our Metroid Prime 4 Everything We Know Page.

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