Pokemon GO Moltres Raid Boss - Raid Guide, Best Counters, Weakness, Shiny Moltres, Free Raid Passes, Sky Attack

Pokemon GO Moltres Raid Boss - Raid Guide, Best Counters, Weakness, Shiny Moltres, Free Raid Passes, Sky Attack

Moltres is going to be popping up more regularly in Pokemon GO, here’s everything you need to know.

Moltres will be showing up in Pokemon GO more regularly for the time being. So to help you prepare for it we've put together this Pokemon GO Moltres Guide. It'll cover the best counters to use against Moltres in Pokemon GO, what Moltres' weaknesses are, how to get free raid passes in Pokemon GO so that you can fight Moltres, and also a breakdown of the Moltres moves that it can level against you.

For more on Pokemon GO, be sure to check out our Pokemon GO Guides Hub. It’s full of awesome info on the game, from Raid Tips and Tricks, Events info and Trading Guides, to advice on how to evolve Eevee, and more.

Pokemon GO Moltres Best Counters, Shiny Moltres, Raid Guide

You’ll likely be coming face to face with Moltres in Pokemon GO very soon indeed, so you’ll need to be prepared. We’ll cover the best pokemon to use against Moltres in Pokemon GO, some tips on beating it in Raids, and also give you info on the upcoming Pokemon GO Moltres Day.

Pokemon GO Moltres Ultra Bonus Event

Thanks to Pokemon GO trainers around the world working hard to complete Professor Willow's Global Challenges this year, Moltres will be appearing more frequently across the globe. You'll have a higher chance of finding a Pokemon GO Moltres Raid while out exploring, right up until September 20.

Pokemon GO Moltres Best Counters

If you’re looking to take on Moltres in Pokemon GO, you’ll need to be prepared. Building your team with pokemon that act as good counters to Moltres is key, and you’ll want to exploit Moltres’ Water and Rock Weaknesses. Below is a list of the Best Moltres Counters in Pokemon GO, with the moves that they should ideally be equipped with.

  • Golem - If you’re looking to take down Moltres with crushing Rock attacks, then Golem is your go-to. Golem boasts great defensive stats, and you’ll want to use Rock Throw and Stone Edge for maximum damage.
  • Omnistar - Omnistar is a great choice when taking on Moltres given that it boasts both water and rock-type attacks. Go in armed with Rock Throw and Hydro Pump to make quick-work of Moltres.
  • Tyranitar - Nowhere near as effective as Golem, but still a great option for its Rock-moves and high damage capabilities. Use Bite and Stone Edge.
  • Vaporeon - You can really exploit the Water weakness that Moltres has using a Vaporeon equipped with Water Gun and Aqua Tail. For tips on evolving an Eevee into Vaporeon, head over to our Pokemon GO Eevee Evolutions Guide.

Pokemon GO Shiny Moltres

For every Moltres you encounter, there’s a small chance that’ll it’ll be the Shiny Moltres variation. It’s basically the luck of the draw, though during Moltres-centric events, there’s a higher chance to get one. You’ll have a good chance of getting a Shiny Moltres during the Pokemon GO Moltres Day detailed above.

Pokemon GO Moltres Raid Tips

To make sure you’re up to the challenge of taking on a Moltres Raid Battle, we’ve got some Raid Tips for you. They cover everything from when to retreat, to building your team.

  • Build your team around the weakness of the Raid Boss Pokemon - there's no point taking in Pokemon that won't work well against a boss.
  • Take your Pokemon that have the strongest Charge Attack, since these are the attacks you'll mainly be using against the Boss Pokemon.
  • Raid Boss Pokemon usually have ten times as much CP as normal Pokemon, so you could be there for quite a while.
  • Remember to dodge! Swipe to either side as soon as you see a flash, and you should avoid any attacks from the Raid Boss.
  • Raid Passes can be earned through fighting in a Gym, and you can only hold one Raid Pass at a time.
  • Once used, a Raid Pass will give you access to a Raid for the hour that it takes place, so if you fail you can just head back in.
  • Turn up the volume on your phone, it'll be easier for you to know when to dodge.
  • The weather can make a huge difference to the power of the Raid Boss you are facing down, plan for this and have a few different teams in rotation to suit a variety of weather conditions.

Pokemon GO Moltres Moves

Here are the moves you’ll need to face off against while battling Moltres in a Raid. They’re mostly Fire and Flying attacks, so leave the grass types at the door.

  • Fire Spin
  • Fire Blast
  • Sky Attack (Pokemon GO Moltres Day Exclusive)
  • Overheat
  • Heat Wave

That’s all you need to know about taking on Moltres in Pokemon GO. For tips on Trading, visit our Pokemon GO Trading Guide. You can also check out how to evolve Eevee in Pokemon GO in our Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution Guide. For some tips on getting yourself a Celebi in Pokemon GO, we've put together a Pokemon GO Celebi Guide for you to check out.

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