Pokemon GO Gen 4 Evolutions - Which Candies Should You Save For Gen 4 Evolutions From Previous Gens?

Pokemon GO Gen 4 Evolutions - Which Candies Should You Save For Gen 4 Evolutions From Previous Gens?

Complete your Pokédex quicker by stocking up on candies you’ll need in the future.

Now that Gen 4 has been added into Pokemon GO, we'll start to see some new evolutions available. Gen 4 went big on new evolutions from previous gens, like finally giving fans that Lichitung evolution they'd all been asking for (and oh my is it glorious). To help you prepare for the addition of these gen 4 evolutions from previous gens, we've put togteher a list of the candies that you'll want to keep hold of. We'll list all of the new Gen 4 evolutions, and wager how many candies it'll cost to get them, based on previous evolution data.

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Across Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3, there are quite a few Pokémon that will be seeing evolutions introduced in the future. To help speed along the completion of your Pokédex, and to help prevent you from spending the Candies early for the XP, here's a list of which Candies you should be holding onto:

Pokemon Go - Keep These Candies

  • Magnemite - Likely 100 Candies, Magnezone, Gen 4
  • Lickitung - Likely 50 Candies, Lickilicky, Gen 4
  • Rhyhorn - Likely 100 Candies, Rhyperior, Gen 4
  • Tangela - Likely 50 Candies, Tangrowth, Gen 4
  • Electabuzz - Likely 50 Candies, Electivire, Gen 4
  • Magmar - Likely 50 Candies, Magmortar, Gen 4
  • Eevee - Likely 25 Candies each, Leafeon/Glaceon, Gen 4
  • Eevee - Likely 25 Candies,Sylveon, Gen 6
  • Togepi - Likely 100 Candies, Togekiss, Gen 4
  • Aipom - Likely 50 Candies, Ambipom, Gen 4
  • Yanma - Likely 50 Candies, Yanmega, Gen 4
  • Murkrow - Likely 50 Candies, Honchkrow, Gen 4
  • Misdreavus - Likely 50 Candies, Mismagius, Gen 4
  • Gligar - Likely 50 Candies, Gliscor, Gen 4
  • Sneasel - Likely 50 Candies, Weavile, Gen 4
  • Swinub - Likely 100 Candies, Mamoswine, Gen 4
  • Porygon - Likely 100 Candies, Porygon Z, Gen 4
  • Roselia - Likely 50 Candies, Roserade, Gen 4
  • Ralts - Likely 50 Candies, Gallade, Gen 4
  • Duskull - Likely 25 Candies, Dusknoir, Gen 4
  • Nosepass - Likely 100 Candies, Probopass, Gen 4
  • Snorunt - Likely 50 Candies, Frosslass, Gen 4

Pokemon GO Generation 4 and Beyond

As new generations are added to Pokémon GO, there will be more Pokémon you'll want to save in order to give yourself the leading edge in the future. For example, now that Gen 4 has launched, you’ll be wanting to set aside Candies for Magmortar, Electivire, Kirlia, Togekiss and Leafeon, ready for Gen 4.

In the far flung future, when Gen 7 is available, there will be alternate versions of Gen 1 Pokémon to catch and evolve. While they won’t contribute to your Pokédex, having Candies for Rattata, Exeggcute, Geodude and several other Pokémon with Alolan variants will at least satiate your completionist urges. Happy hunting!

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