Injustice 2 - Batman Moves List, Combos and Strategies

All the move lists for every character in Injustice 2, along with tips on how to get the most out of them. A complete guide to the characters in Injustice 2.

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As it perhaps goes without saying at this point, Batman is one of the biggest characters featured in any product related to DC Comics. The Caped Crusader has a storied history with many character in the DC Universe, including Bane, Catwoman, Deadshot and Superman, among many others.

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Bruce Wayne took the vengeance from the murder of his parents and transformed himself into the Batman, fighting crime in Gotham using funds from Wayne Enterprises, the company his parents formerly ran. Now fighting crime throughout the DC Universe, Batman has crossed paths with just about every other character featured in Injustice 2 multiple times.

Batman’s Special Moves

Batman’s Special Moves primarily revolve around his equipment, as unlike other characters like Green Lantern, he doesn’t have any actual superpower abilities. The Scatter Bombs can be used to stun an opponent for a split second, while the Bat of Gotham is a devastating move that employs the cannons of the Batwing.

  • Batarang - Left, Right + Medium Attack
  • Cape Counter -Down, Left + Heavy Attack
  • Scatter Bombs (Air) - Down, Left + Medium Attack
  • Sky Grapple - Down, Left + Light Attack
  • Slide Kick - Left, Right + Heavy Attack
  • Straight Grapple - Down, Right + Light Attack
  • Bat of Gotham Super - Flip Stance + Meter Burn
  • Up Batarang - Down, Left + Medium Attack

Batman’s Combo Attacks

These Combo Attacks can allow Batman to gain a clear upper edge against any opponent, as quite a few attacks knock the opponent down onto the floor. Injustice, Vengeance, and Mind Games all deal heavy damage to the opponent in a short amount of time, leaving them helpless on the floor afterwards, allowing you to plan your next move.

  • Caped Crusader - Medium Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Darkness - Left + Light Attack, Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • High Tech - Left + Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Injustice - Light Attack, Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Intimidation - Light Attack, Medium Attack
  • Millionaire - Left + Light Attack, Light Attack
  • Mind Games - Light Attack, Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Showdown - Light Attack, Light Attack
  • Stay Down - Left + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Tragic - Medium Attack, Medium Attack
  • Tricky Bat - Light Attack, Medium Attack, Medium Attack
  • Vengeance - Light Attack, Light Attack, Heavy Attack
  • Winged Avenger - Right + Medium Attack, Heavy Attack

Batman’s Character Power

  • Summon Bats - Down + Character Power, Character Power

The Summon Bats power does exactly what it says on the tin, as Batman summons a small swarm of bats around him, which he can then release at any point afterwards to deal area of effect damage to his opponent.

Batman’s Basic Attacks

  • Away Air Escape - Left + Meter Burn
  • Batarang Swipe - Left + Medium Attack
  • Bounce Cancel Kryptonite Strike - Left, Left, Meter Burn or Down, Left, Meter Burn
  • Bounce Cancel Tumbler - Right, Right, Meter Burn or Down, Right, Meter Burn
  • Broken Strike - Heavy Attack
  • Brutal Knee - Up + Light Attack
  • Cape Sweep - Down + Heavy Attack
  • Crusader Kick - Left + Light Attack
  • Face Bash - Right + Medium Attack
  • Hammer Fist - Medium Attack
  • Kryptonite Strike - Left + Heavy Attack
  • Low Jab - Down + Light Attack
  • Palm Strike - Light Attack
  • Rising Gauntlet - Down + Medium Attack
  • Roll Escape - Right, Right, Meter Burn
  • Straight Kick - Up + Medium Attack
  • Tumbler - Right + Heavy Attack
  • Up Air Escape - Up + Meter Burn

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