Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Roto Loto Guide - What is Roto Loto, and what can you get?

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In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the Rotomdex has some new, very useful features. The Pokemon Roto Loto is a system similar to the O-Powers seen in Gen 6, albeit more powerful and more random to compensate.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Roto Loto Guide

When you see Rotom’s eyes glowing yellow on the bottom screen, you can tap on them to enter Roto Loto mode. The roulette wheel will determine what power you win, and Rotom will give you two uses of that power. These are stored in your bag, so you don’t have to use them immediately.

The rate at which you can activate Roto Loto depends on the friendship rating between you and Rotom. The best thing you can do to boost this is to answer Rotom’s questions when you see them on the bottom screen, and tap on its eyes if you see them droop, showing Rotom is lonely. Sometimes you’re only a single tap away from activating Roto Loto.

Here is a list of the powers you can get with Roto Loto.

Common Powers

  • Roto Friendship - Increases the rate at which your pokémon become friendly. Particularly useful if a pokémon evolves via friendship, or if they have the move Return.
  • Roto PP Restore - Restores all PP for the moves of the active pokémon.
  • Roto Stealth - Like a repel, prevents encounters for a set period of time.

Uncommon Powers

  • Roto Encounter - Better chance of encountering wild pokémon, and at a higher level.
  • Roto Hatch - Decreases the number of steps needed to hatch an egg.
  • Roto Prize Money - Triples the money you receive for winning a battle.

Rare Powers

  • Roto Bargain - Decreases the cost of items in PokeMarts by 50%.
  • Roto Boost - Raises all stats of the active pokémon.
  • Roto Catch - Makes it easier to capture pokémon.
  • Roto Exp. Points - Increases Exp for winning battles by a small amount.
  • Roto HP Restore - Fully restores the HP of the active pokémon.

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