Shadow of War Frozen Flame Mission Guide - How to Help Carnan Defeat the Balrog

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In this Shadow of War guide, we'll be telling you all the tips you need to once again team up with Carnan to undertake the Frozen Flame quest, where Talion will be forced to once again battle the Balrog. In this Shadow of War Frozen Flame mission walkthrough, we'll be taking you through everything you need to know in order to bring down the Balrog for the second time.

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Shadow of War Frozen Flame Carnan Mission Walkthrough

In the first portion of the Frozen Flame quest, you'll have to get on the Caragor-lookalike that Carnan has just produced, and chase down the Balrog, making sure to ignore all the Orcs and other distractions along the way. It should be noted that Carnan functions just like a Shadow of War Caragor in this section, so if the mount takes damage, feed on a downed enemy using right trigger + X/Square to regain health.

Once you've made it to the cave, the Balrog will drop down behind you, and the chase will be on. In this section, you want to ideally shoot down the stalactites as soon as they come into view, not just to slow down the Balrog when it gets too close to you. Make sure to conserve your Focus to shoot down the stalactites rapidly, and you should be able to hold off the Balrog just fine, long enough to reach the next section of the Frozen Flame quest.

Shadow of War Balrog Boss Fight Guide

Now you're onto the real meat of the Frozen Flame quest. In this Balrog boss fight, the quest will task you with defeating the Balrog in a one-on-one fight, but all you actually need to do is survive long enough to reach the next section. It does help if you can land a charged Elf Shot in the Balrog's back however, as this will stun the beast and bring you one step closer to finishing the fight.

In the next, and final section of the Balrog boss fight, you'll find yourself on the back of a Drake, or rather, Carnan in Drake form. Here, the Balrog will hurl orbs of fire at you in waves, so you'll have to tap A/Cross to turn away from the balls, and move rapidly out of their way.

You also need to get in fairly close to the Balrog, in order to breathe fire on it using the left and right triggers. To do this, we'd recommend speeding up by tapping A/Cross, and staying fairly low to the ground if possible, as this should take you under the majority of the Balrog's attacks. Once you've dealt enough damage to the Balrog, you'll be prompted to get in close, and dunk the monster into the ice cold water.

Here's our video walkthrough of the Frozen Flame mission.

After you've successfully plunged the Balrog into the icy waters four times using the same methods, the Shadow of War Frozen Flame mission of Shadow of War will come to a close, with Carnan having sacrificed herself in order to take down the Balrog.

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