Shadow of War Isildur Boss Fight Guide - Tips and Tricks for Defeating the Nazgul, Gravewalkers Mission Walkthrough

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In this Shadow of War boss guide, we'll be walking you through the entire Gravewalkers mission, in which Talion once again teams up with Eltariel to take down another Nazgul. This time it's none other than Isildur who suffers the wrath of Mordor's dynamic duo, and we'll be running down the easiest ways to defeat this Nazgul in our Shadow of War Isildur boss guide.

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Shadow of War Isildur Boss Guide

At the outset of the Gravewalkers mission, you'll be tasked with pursuing the Nazgul, so group up with Eltariel (who is luckily right in front of you), and proceed towards the marker together.

Once Talion and Eltariel have journeyed a short distance to where the Nazgul was last seen, Isildur himself will make a dramatic appearance, challenging the pair to take down not only himself, but also the group of undead Gondorian soldiers that he's raised from the grave.

We've found a great way to immediately kill the undead Gondor soldiers is to aim at them with the bow, and then Shadow Strike them, this leading to Talion branding them, and causing the Gondor soldier to permanently disappear. If you don't have this ability just yet, then you'll have to dodge the attacks of the soldiers (not parrying them), and take them down one by one using the conventional method of execution combos.

In this next section, you'll have to take down all the undead Gondor soldiers through stealth, while also keeping an eye out for a total of 9 living Gondor soldiers to rescue. Talion can immediately kill an undead soldier if he gets the drop on them, so keep to the high ground and drop down on any wights whenever you can. Although rescuing the soldiers is optional, it does give you a nice Mirian bonus at the end of the Shadow of War Gravewalkers mission.

After you've taken out all the wights scattered around the vicinity, you'll then regroup with Eltariel, only to face off with Isildur and a group of undead Gondor soldiers for the final time in the mission. This isn't a particularly tough fight, but you will have to keep an eye on the edges of the screen when Isildur isn't in your sight, as he will attack Talion quickly from offscreen. You can parry Isildur's attacks though, so the boss doesn't actually prove to be too difficult.

Finally, once you've got Isildur down to roughly half health, a cutscene will appear, and you'll then be tasked with taking down the wight of Castamir, who died back in Act 1 at the hands of the Witch King himself. Castamir isn't a particularly tough fight either, and you can still kill the other undead Gondor soldiers through the Shadow Strike ability.

To bring an end to the mission, you'll want to vault over Castamir and stun him by pressing B/Circle straight afterwards, allowing you to lay into him with a rapid series of attacks. Make sure to use the execution combo on him once you've done this, and you shouldn't have a problem putting his wight down for good, and bringing an end to the Gravewalkers mission.

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