Shadow of War Nazgul Boss Fight Guide - Tips and Tricks for Defeating the Nazgul, The Fall Mission Guide

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In Shadow of War, there are a whole host of tough enemies scattered throughout Mordor for you to take down, including the Witch King and his Nazgul followers. These unique enemies won't appear out in the open world like Captains, and they can only be encountered and defeated in story-specific missions. In this Shadow of War Nazgul boss guide, we'll walk you through how to defeat the Nazgul every time you face off against them.

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Shadow of War Nazgul Boss Guide

There are several times in Shadow of Mordor where Talion will have to fight either one, or several, Nazgul. The first of these occurs in the Fall mission, where you'll have to fight the Witch King and the Nazgul at once, and you'll then be tasked with taking down Suladan and Helm Hammerhand later on in separate story missions, alongside Eltariel.

Shadow of War expands on what we already knew about the Witch King and the Nazgul. Through the aforementioned story missions in which Talion fights what remains of Suladan and Helm Hammerhand, we see the tragic backstories of two once great rulers, who fell when Sauron offered them each a Ring of Power.

Sauron himself appears in sections of Shadow of War.

Shadow of War The Fall Nazgul Boss Fight

The Fall is the Shadow of War mission that generally concludes the first act of the game that takes place in Minas Ithil, where Talion, Idril, and Baranor defend the city against the advancing hordes of Orcs. At the end of The Fall, Talion will have to fight all the Nazgul simultaneously, after General Castamir has been killed and Idril has fled.

In this Shadow of War Nazgul boss fight, you'll have to be on your guard at all times, basically putting Talion on the defensive for most of the battle. You'll want to generally hold off from initiating the attack on any of the Nazgul, and instead wait for them to attack you. When this happens, you'll have to time your parries using Y/Triangle perfectly, as one Nazgul after another lays into Talion.

You'll have to parry roughly six attacks in a row, before the Nazgul back off, leaving Talion open to initiate an attack. At this point, you generally want to close the distance as quickly as possible to any of the Nazgul, and lay into them at fast as you can using X/Square for quick attacks. Don't stay on the offensive for too long however, as the Nazgul are bound to return to the attack soon, prompting you to parry one after another of them once again.

This Nazgul boss fight in the Fall mission is basically a battle of attrition, and you'll generally want to try and chip away at the health of each Nazgul, instead of killing them quickly. Forget about using your bow in this section, as you'll want to stick to quick attacks with Talion's sword. Just keep an eye on the edges of the screen for the first sign of a parry button prompt, and you should be just fine seeing this battle through to the end.

This is all for the Shadow of War Nazgul boss fights, but we'll be sure to update this guide with any new tips and tricks, should we uncover anything new.

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