Shadow of War Nemesis Forge Guide - How to Import Your Nemesis and Follower into Shadow of War

Here's everything you need to conquer Middle-earth: Shadow of War, including the new additions to the Nemesis System, how to take down Overlords, how to earn Mirian in Shadow of War, and how to disable loot boxes. Plus Shadow of War Ithildin Door Poem Solutions.

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A feature that was announced mere weeks before Shadow of War released was the Nemesis Forge system, which would allow players to import their Nemesis and Follower from the original Shadow of Mordor, into the new Shadow of War. In this Shadow of War Nemesis Forge guide, we'll be running down how you can take your main nemesis from the original game, and import it into Shadow of War.

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Shadow of War Nemesis Forge Guide

As we mentioned, the Nemesis Forge system was added to the original Shadow of Mordor just a short while before the sequel, Shadow of War, eventually released. It's a system that allows you to bring in your most fought-against Orc Captain from Shadow of Mordor, and fight them once again in Shadow of War. We'll explain exactly how you can do this just below.

Firstly, head back into Shadow of Mordor, and you'll notice that new Nemesis Forge system will be at your disposal. It's a mode completely separate from everything else in the game, and fills the area of Nurnen with a handful of the top Orc Captains that you've most frequently fought against throughout your playthrough of the original game.

We wouldn't mind having this guy as our Nemesis.

When you jump into the Nurnen region, head to the Nemesis System screen to survey the Orc Captains that have been brought into the Nemesis Forge. There's now a hidden scoring system at work, which will determine who the final Orc Captain is who gets brought into Shadow of War. Now, all you have to do is head into battle with the Orc Captain you want as your Nemesis, and kill them through relatively simple means, for example explosions or arrow shots, and not through executions.

Once you've fought this particular Captain enough times, the hidden scoring system will come into effect, and you'll be notified that this Captain is now your Nemesis. As for your Orc Follower, things work in a fairly similar way, as once you've dominated any Captain in the Nemesis Forge system, you'll then have to embark on multiple Follower missions with them, including Power Struggles and other mission types.

Shadow of War Guide - How to Import Your Nemesis and Follower

Having an Orc become your chosen Follower will happen a lot quicker than the Nemesis version, and once you've acquired both a chosen Nemesis and Follower in the Shadow of Mordor Nemesis Forge system, all you have to do is hop into your Shadow of War game, on the same platform. We should stress that your Nemesis and Follower can't be ported across platforms, and so if you originally played Shadow of Mordor on the PS4, you'll need to be playing Shadow of War on the same console.

Betrayals are new in Shadow of War - could your Follower betray you?

That's really all there is to it, although it should be noted that we still haven't established when and where your Follower and Nemesis will appear in Shadow of War. Some people have reported encountering their Nemesis in the Arena in Act 2, while reports vary as to when your chosen Follower will appear.

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