Shadow of War Suladan Boss Fight Guide - Tips and Tricks for Defeating the Nazgul

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In this Shadow of War boss guide, we'll be teaching you the best methods of taking down the Nazgul known as Suladan, who was once a powerful ruler in the universe of Middle-earth, but has since been consumed by the Ring of Power, and now owes his allegiance to Sauron. You'll have to take down this powerful Nazgul in the story of Shadow of War, and we'll give you all the tips you need to beat the Suladan boss fight right here.

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Shadow of War Suladan Boss Guide

Slightly later on in Shadow of War, roughly halfway through Act 2 of the game, Talion will team up with Eltariel to take down Suladan, who was once a powerful ruler in the region of Mordor/Gondor, but since succumbed to the Ring of Power offered to him by Sauron, and became one of the Nazgul. This can be a tough boss fight, but it helps that Eltariel is there to support you.

Sauron himself even makes an appearance in Shadow of War.

When the Shadow of War Suladan boss fight takes place, you'll notice that he instantly has the power to pull Talion towards him from across the arena, striking him as soon as he's done this. Be prepared to hit the parry button as soon as Suladan pulls you towards him, and you'll easily be able to withstand this special move from the boss.

Other than that, you generally want to hit Suladan quickly, with a few X/Triangle attacks at a time, before backing off and waiting for the boss to make the next move. You should be able to parry plenty of Suladan's attacks, but be prepared to dodge out of the way of any as soon as you see the dodge prompt come up. Suladan will unleash several attacks in succession towards Talion, so be prepared to either parry or dodge several attacks in a row, before you're able to go back on the offensive.

There isn't a whole lot else to go over with this Nazgul boss fight, aside from the fact that you'll have to revive Eltariel by holding down B/Circle if she takes too much damage during the fight. She can't bleed out however, so don't worry about taking your time if you're in the middle of evading any of Sulandan's attacks.

When all the fighting is done in the Suladan boss battle, you'll have to hold down B/Circle in order to banish the Nazgul and put an end to the boss fight. At this point, you'll be treated to a cutscene that shows the fall of Suladan from the ruler he once was, all at the hands of Sauron. It's certainly an interesting cutscene that we won't spoil here, but it does give some nice background knowledge for the events leading up to Shadow of War.

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