Star Wars Battlefront 2 Battle Points and Credits Guide - How to Earn Credits and Battle Points Quickly and get Lots of Loot Boxes

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Battle Points and Credits Guide - How to Earn Credits and Battle Points Quickly and get Lots of Loot Boxes

Here's everything you need to dominate as Iden Versio, including the best star cards and best weapon loadouts to use throughout the campaign.

In Star Wars Battlefront 2, earning Credits and Battle Points are paramount if you want to to unlock some of the most powerful Heroes and Villains in the game, and then play as them in online game modes. In this Star Wars Battlefront 2 Credits and Battle Points guide, we'll detail the best, tried and tested methods for earning credits and Battle points as quickly as possible, so you can buy lots of Loot Boxes and buy your favorite heroes and villains.

For anything else relating to Star Wars Battlefront 2, including how to dominate in the campaign as Iden Versio, including the best weapons and Star Card loadouts you could possibly want to use, head on over to our Star Wars Battlefront 2 guides walkthrough hub.

How to Earn Credits Quickly in Star Wars Battlefront 2

If you head over to the Collection tab of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 main menu, you'll be able to see all the Heroes and Villains you currently have unlocked, but you'll also be able to see some that are not yet unlocked, and can only be obtained through spending a certain amount of Credits.

Although EA recently tweaked the amount that some unlockable Heroes and Villains would cost, reducing Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker down to 15,000 Credits from 60,000 Credits, it can still be a bit of a stretch to unlock all the Credits needed to purchase your favorite Heroes or Villains. Just below, we've compiled some essential tips and tricks on how to earn Credits quickly:

  • Open loot crates - It may sound somewhat cynical, but one of the best ways to earn Credits in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is to open your Daily loot crate whenever you log in to the game. This is always guaranteed to earn you at least 1,000 Credits, which basically means you can earn that as standard every day, without putting in any work.
  • Complete milestone challenges - When you head over to the Career tab from the main menu of the game, you'll be able to see various challenges for different game modes. Completing any of these challenges can reward you with items like Credits and Crafting Parts, and some of them are as simple as completing a single campaign mission, which can take you as little time as 20 minutes.
  • Playing online matches - One tactic for earning Credits quickly is to simply play to the best of your ability in online matches. You'll gain a certain amount of Credits for all the enemy players you take out over the course of the game, but you'll earn more for playing the objective of an online game. For example, you're bound to earn more credits if you can be the one to recover the item in a game of Strike, or take out the enemy bombers in a game of Starfighter Assault.
  • Complete the campaign - It only takes 6/7 hours to beat the campaign, and you'll bag yourself 5,000 Credits for doing so, as well as earning many more along the way for beating individual chapters.

Finally, we should point out which Heroes and Villains you'll unfortunately have to buy with Credits, before you can activate them in-game using Battle Points.

  • Chewbacca - 40,000 Credits
  • Darth Vader - 60,000 Credits
  • Emperor Palpatine - 40,000 Credits
  • Iden Versio - 20,000 Credits
  • Leia Organa - 40,000 Credits
  • Luke Skywalker - 60,000 Credits
  • Rey/Chewbacca Millenium Falcon - 20,000 Credits

So to play as any of the characters/vehicles just above, you'll unfortunately need to purchase them with Credits in the Collection tab of the main menu, before you can spend your in-game Battle Points to play as them.

How to Earn Battle Points Quickly in Star Wars Battlefront 2

We previously mentioned that Heroes and Villains are only playable in-game through spending Battle Points, which you earn in every individual online game of Star Wars Battlefront 2. But how can you earn Battle Points as quickly as possible? Check out our helpful tips and tricks just below for how to earn the Battle Points quickly, in order to play as your favorite Star Wars characters as quickly as possible in an online game.

  • Play the objective - This sounds obvious, but you'll actually earn a ton more Battle Points for playing the objective of an online game type, instead of simply going for kills. For example, if you're the one to retrieve an item from the enemy base in Strike, you'll bag yourself a nice amount of Battle Points.
  • Equip the Bounty Hunter Star Card - Using this Star Card, you'll earn an increased amount of Battle Points for every player-controller enemy that you kill. This becomes incredibly useful when you're in any game mode, as you can focus on mowing down enemy players for an increased amount of Battle Points, this leading you to become a Hero or Villain sooner.
  • Taking out AI enemies - This might sound strange, but you can actually bag yourself a decent amount of Battle Points through taking out AI-controlled enemies in modes like Galactic and Starfighter Assault. Considering there's a healthy amount of AI enemies spread around the battlefield, you can earn enough Battle Points to unlock a special character fairly quickly.
You'll need to earn Battle Points if you want to play as characters like Chewbacca.

These are all the details you'll need to get unlocking your favorite characters in the Star Wars universe as quickly as possible. EA is constantly changing and adding things to the game however, so you can be sure that we'll update our guides to reflect any changes that are made to Star Wars Battlefront 2.

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