Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hidden Item Locations - How to find every Hidden Item in the Campaign

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hidden Item Locations - How to find every Hidden Item in the Campaign

Here's everything you need to dominate as Iden Versio, including the best star cards and best weapon loadouts to use throughout the campaign.

Throughout the Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign, there are going to be a number of Hidden Items scattered around each and every mission for you to collect. In this Battlefront 2 Hidden Items collectibles guide, we'll be walking you through the location of every collectible item in every level of the Battlefront 2 campaign, as well as the rewards you can get for finding all of them.

For anything else relating to Star Wars Battlefront 2, including how to dominate in the campaign as Iden Versio, including the best weapons and Star Card loadouts you could possibly want to use, head on over to our Star Wars Battlefront 2 guides walkthrough hub.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hidden Items Locations Guide

Just below, we'll be outlining the location of every Battlefront 2 Hidden Item in chronological order. We'll be splitting up the groups of collectibles in order of the missions in which you can find them, so all you'll need to do is consult the relevant section for the campaign mission that you want to cover.

To keep track of the Hidden Items you've obtained so far, head over to the Career tab of the main Star Wars Battlefront 2 menu, where you'll then be able to scroll down to the Milestones page, and find out which Hidden Items you've currently obtained in which mission. Once you've rounded up all the Hidden Item collectibles in a certain mission, you can then redeem them for Credits, which can then be used to purchase things like loot crates, or unlock new Heroes or Villains.

The Cleaner Hidden Item Locations

In this opening mission, you'll first be taking on the role of Iden Verio's personal droid, attempting to free her from the rebel prison. When you first come to a big, wide open area, with at least ten rebel guards scattered around the vicinity, look for an area in the middle of the map, which is underneath an upper walkway. Head to the back of the area (the furthest away from the massive window looking out into space), and you'll find the X/Square prompt to interact with an object and recover the first collectible.

The second Hidden Item collectible can be found once you're finally playing as Iden Versio herself. Once you've finally got hold of a pistol, you'll find yourself going down a corridor and into an area with three rebel guards in front of you, and two more on a walkway to the left. Turn left, head towards the walkway, but then turn left again away from the walkway, where you'll find a crate you can have your droid slice, and recover the Hidden Item.

The Battle of Endor Hidden Item Locations

At the start of the mission, drop down to the lower area on the left, and continue heading straight until you're underneath the ruins of an AT-AT. Now look on the ground to find a crate containing a Hidden Item.

The next Hidden Item collectible can be found after you've spoken to the Admiral. When you come across a group of rebels outside a door, defeat them and use your droid to get inside the small base. Once inside, slice the crate and retrieve the Hidden Item.

Once you've reached the Stormtroopers that are being ambushed by rebels troops, turn left and head to lower ground, where you'll find the door to another bunker. Get inside, and you'll find another crate there containing a Hidden Item collectible.

The next Hidden Item collectible can be found once you've defeated the hijacked AT-ST walker. Clear out the walker and the rebel troops, and then check the very bottom level of the tower on the ground,, where you'll find a crate containing the Hidden Item, on top of other crates.

Once you're up the top of the tower and fighting to claim the TIE fighters, head all the way to the very end of the platform, and you'll find a crate containing the Hidden Item collectible next to a crashed X-Wing.

The Dauntless Hidden Item Locations

For the first of the two collectible in The Dauntless mission, you'll need to have boarded the Rebel cruiser. Once you're successfully on board, and have defeated the Rebel troopers, head into the area just off from the main hangar, and turn around, to see one smaller crate next to two larger crates. Jump on the small crate, then onto the taller crates, and then loot to the ceiling to see the Hidden Item perched on a ledge.

For the second Hidden Item, make it to the larger room with two levels, where Iden has to activate and then defend two computer points. Head down to the lower level, underneath the above platform, and you'll find the crate containing the Hidden Item tucked away in a corner, next to a few other boxes.

The Storm Hidden Item Locations

The first Hidden Item can be found in the courtyard with the statue of Admiral Versio, just before you reach Gleb. Search around the area to the left that's stacked with crates, and you'll find the Hidden Item crate on top of the rest.

The next Hidden Item can be found when you reach a road with four Stromtroopers and a Heavy patrolling in front of you. Head toward the large gate on your left, and you'll find the Hidden Item collectible crate on your right.

When you recieve the popup objective to hijack the AT-AT, turn around, and go forward to reach the higher platform on your left. There'll be a Hidden Item crate up here, with the collectible inside.

Under Covered Skies Hidden Item Locations

Once you're out of the X-Wing and back on solid ground, head all the way to the end of the long platform, and the Hidden Item crate can be found on your left, just past a set of stairs.

Once you've come back out of the tower after fighting the TIE Fighter, you can find the Hidden Item crate in the main courtyard area in front of the tower, just down from the main set of stairs.

When you're faced with the AT-ST walker, head into the building to the right of it to retrieve a rocket launcher, and keep going until you come out of the other side of the building. There will be two TIE fighters docked here, each with only one wing, and the Hidden Item crate is found atop the walkway next to the TIE Fighter on the right.

The Battle of Jakku Hidden Item Locations

Once you've successfully defeated the AT-ATs and are prompted to retreat, check inside a small container just to the left of the evac zone, and you'll find the Hidden Item crate inside.

Once you're back on the ground, and have taken down the TIE Fighter and are prompted to plant the detonators, head all the way to the back of the area, and you'll be able to see the Hidden Item crate just above you.

Until Ashes Hidden Item Locations

After you first encounter two Jet Troopers straight ahead of you on the raised section, head down to the lower area on the right, and you'll find the Hidden Item crate next to a burning wreck.

The second Hidden Item can be found once you're inside of the Star Destroyer, after climbing up a makeshift path. As soon as you're on the walkway, look to the left of the computer console, where you can find the Hidden Item crate.

These might be all the total Hidden Items that we've managed to uncover so far in the single player campaign of Star Wars Battlefront 2, but make sure to check back on this guide in the future, when we've updated our complete guide to reveal more Hidden Item locations.

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