Super Mario Odyssey Moons - All Power Moon Locations Walkthrough, Unlock Secrets in Each Kingdom, Collectibles Guide

Super Mario Odyssey Moons - All Power Moon Locations Walkthrough, Unlock Secrets in Each Kingdom, Collectibles Guide

The complete guide and walkthrough to collecting all power moons in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. Plus how to unlock the secret characters and kingdoms, and metal cubes/moon rocks explained. Find the power moons in Cap Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, Cloud Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario Odyssey is finally here. After what seems like an eternity waiting, Nintendo’s highly anticipated 3D platformer is out now on Nintendo Switch. In this Super Mario Odyssey Power Moons guide we’ll help you find every power moon in the game with a complete walkthrough, unlock all the worlds in Super Mario Odyssey, find all the secrets, and more. Note: A big spoiler is revealed at the bottom of this page. It's under three pictures, so please don't scroll down if you don't want it spoiled.

We'll be continually updating our Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon locations guides as we uncover new locations and hidden secrets in the game, so make sure to keep an eye on all our guides below, as we build on them.

Super Mario Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough

Super Mario Odyssey is a big game that’s full of collectibles. This mainly comes in the form of Moons, awarded to Mario for finding them in each world. Some of these are given for fairly simple tasks, while others require more complex actions be carried out. This Super Mario Odyssey Collectibles Guide will give you a walkthrough to find all the moons in each of Super Mario Odyssey’s worlds. We’ll also detail the various game mechanics in Super Mario Odyssey, including the items and animals Mario can possess with Cappy the hat, explain the different costumes in Super Mario Odyssey, and talk about the various shops and what you can buy in them.

Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon Locations Guides

In the guides listed below we detail how to get the power moons on each of the kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. Each one is packed with info, plus details on how to beat bosses. Keep checking back as we update each guide with more info in the coming weeks. You can use these as a Mario Odyssey walkthrough, although the order you discover moons is unlikely to match the numbered ordered in the game.

Broodal Fight 1

The first boss fight in Super Mario Odyssey, fought on Cap Kingdom, is against the triple-hat-wearing Broodal. Defeating this Broodal is fairly easy. Firstly, use Mario’s cap to hit him three times, removing a hat with each strike. Not jump on the Broodal’s head.

This will damage him and see him send out a set of spinning hats. Fire Mario’s hat into these to stop them. Hit them all and the Broodal will return. Repeat the initial steps, jump on his head once more, and he’ll be defeated.

Super Mario Odyssey Tips and Tricks Guide

Being a Mario game there’s a lot in Super Mario Odyssey that isn’t immediately obvious. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks so you can get going with the game faster and get collecting those power moons.

  • Areas Often Have More Than There Appears - If you warp to a location, keep an eye out for secret parts to the area. A lot of zones away from the main kingdom worlds have an obvious power moon and a more off the path moon.
  • Remember Mario can Jump High and Long - A backflip, a sideways somersault and the end of a triple jump will see Mario jump higher. You can also do a long jump by running, then crouching, then jumping. Crouch in mid-air, then jump again to get a bit of extra distance in your jump, too.
  • Don’t Forget to Possess Things - The Cappy possession mechanic in Super Mario Odyssey is brand new to the series, so don’t forget to use it. If a creature is wearing a hat it usually means you can possess it. Sometimes the creature will need to be stunned first or have its cap knocked off.
  • Don’t Think you Need to do Everything at Once - There’s a lot to see and find in Mario Odyssey. You can come back to kingdoms at any point, even after the game is ‘finished’, so if you want to see something new and the Odyssey has enough power moons, go for it.
  • A Toad Gives Clues - In each Kingdom you can find a toad (often near the start of the kingdom once you’ve beaten a boss) who dishes out locations of unfound power moons. Very useful if you are stuck, but they will cost you.

How to Access Photo Mode in Super Mario Galaxy

To access photo mode, which lets you take control the the camera and use a variety of filters (including filters for NES, Game Boy and SNES visuals), simply press the down arrow button on the controller. You can change filters by pressing the left and right arrow buttons.

Beneath here is a big spoiler, but a cool one you might want to know about. We've warned you. Only scroll down past this if you want to see an end game spoiler.

This brings to a close our Super Mario Odyssey Power Moon locations guide, but make sure to keep checking back on any of the individual Kingdom guides listed above, as we'll be constantly updating them with new information on some of the most elusive Power Moons in the game.

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