Super Mario Odyssey Lost Kingdom Moon Locations - All Secrets, Bosses, Power Moon Walkthrough

The complete guide and walkthrough to collecting all power moons in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. Plus how to unlock the secret characters and kingdoms, and metal cubes/moon rocks explained. Find the power moons in Cap Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, Cloud Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom.

Guide by Tom Orry, Hirun Cryer, .

The Super Mario Odyssey Lost Kingdom is one of the most interesting in the game, and it's full of power moons and secrets. In this Lost Kingdom power moon location guide we'll tell you how to find those moons, defeat bosses, and discover secrets.

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Super Mario Odyssey Lost Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Here is our guide to all the Lost Kingdom Power Moons we've found so far. Keep checking back for more details on all the remaining power moons. Numbers match with those on your Power Moon list in the game.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 2. Below the Cliff’s Edge Power Moon

This power moon on the Lost Kingdom is found to the right of the first area of significance you get to. Head to the side of the palm tree and look over the edge to see the Power Moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 7. Inside the Rising Stone Pillar Power Moon

This power moon is hidden in plain site. In the same area as the Cliff’s Edge power moon is a stone pillar staircase. The power moon is hidden in the rear side of this staircase.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 3. Inside the Stone Cage Power Moon

Once you’re on a higher level you can look down and see the top of a stone pillar you couldn’t reach before. Jump down onto it, ground slam, and it will go down, revealing a secret passage to a power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 5. Over the Fuzzies, Above the Swamp Power Moon

Once you reach the extendable caterpillars you’ll notice a path going off to the left behind the cliff. Head down here, extending the caterpillar to reach platforms and eventually get the power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 6. Avoiding Fuzzies, Inside the Wall Power Moon

It’s time for another retro Mario course. Complete this simple course, found near the start of the path leading to the Over the Fuzzies power moon. Head into the warp pipe and you shouldn’t have many problems.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 15. Moon Shards in the Jungle Power Moon

In the caterpillar area again, stretch out over the swamp to collect the five moon pieces and then grab the power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 16. Peeking Out From Under the Bridge Power Moon

Head back to towards the start of the Lost Kingdom and you’ll see a bridge. Under this bridge is a power moon. Stretch a caterpillar out onto the platforms surrounding the trees and you’ll be able to reach the power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 17. Twist ‘N’ Turn Up Treasure Power Moon

As a caterpillar head back to the start and drop down behind the Odyssey. A power moon is over to the left, hidden in the cliff face. Extend the caterpillar out and you can reach it.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 4. On a Tree in the Swamp Power Moon

Once you reach the high area of the swamp (as seen above), head to the right as a caterpillar and walk/extend around the side and up. Once you reach a stone staircase, become Mario again and ground slam the highest point.

This will now raise the corner, allowing the caterpillar to stretch round the back of the tree and get the power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 1. Atop a Propeller Pillar Power Moon

In the same area as the On a Tree in a Swamp power moon, head left over to the spinning propeller pillars. In the far one is a power moon, reachable by extending the caterpillar over there.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 10. A Propeller Pillar’s Secret Power Moon

In the center of the first propeller pillar you need to cross to reach the Atop a Propeller Pillar power moon are a bunch of butterflies. As Mario you can ground slam this center area and reveal a power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 9. On the Mountain Road Power Moon

From on the propeller pillar, head away from where you’ve been and up a narrow path. You’ll encounter a new type of enemy, which you’ll need to tempt into charging at you to knock through the bricks.

Carry on round, knocking through bricks, until you reach an area with butterflies. Slam this area and you’ll get a power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 21. Shopping on Forgotten Isle Power Moon

Carry on round the mountain road. Ground slam the button and then wall jump up to reach the Rocky Mountain Summit. You’ll find the shop up here, which sells a power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 14. Cave Gardening Power Moon

Next to the shop is Glydon. Possess him and you can glide down to areas you previously couldn’t reach. Look down and you’ll see a path jutting out towards a glowing creature. Aim to land around there, keep walking around and you’ll notice a toad.

On the platform above the toad is a door into a cave. Head in and use Cappy to bloom all the flowers at the same time. The spin move works well. Do this and you’ll earn a power moon.

Lost Kingdom Power Moon 8. Enjoying the View of Forgotten Isle Power Moon

Next to the shop in Lost Kingdom is a palm tree. Climb it and you’ll be able to get a power moon hovering above.

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