Super Mario Odyssey Metro Kingdom Moon Locations - All Secrets, Bosses, Power Moon Walkthrough

Super Mario Odyssey Metro Kingdom Moon Locations - All Secrets, Bosses, Power Moon Walkthrough

The complete guide and walkthrough to collecting all power moons in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. Plus how to unlock the secret characters and kingdoms, and metal cubes/moon rocks explained. Find the power moons in Cap Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, Cloud Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom.

The Super Mario Odyssey Metro Kingdom is home to New Donk City, one of the most memorable locations from the pre-release reveals. In this Metro Kingdom Power Moons location guide we'll tell you how to find the moons, how to defeat the bosses, and where all the secrets are.

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Super Mario Odyssey Metro Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Here is our guide to all the Metro Kingdom Power Moons we've found so far. Keep checking back for more details on all the remaining power moons. Numbers match with those on your Power Moon list in the game.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 1. Metro Kingdom Caterpillar Boss - New Donk City’s Pest Problem Power Moons

If you head through the normal path of City Hall you’ll reach the rooftop. Keep heading up and you’ll start a fight against a giant mechanical caterpillar.

As a tank this caterpillar boss isn’t very hard to beat. Fire at it when it’s glowing a bluish red. Shoot enough of these balls and you’ll be able to do real damage by repeatedly shooting it while it glows purple.

After each stage the caterpillar boss will go on a rampage, zooming out of portals on the buildings. Avoid these attacks and the fireballs being thrown at you, then repeat the process of attack from stage one. You’ll get three power moons and see that the city is now a much nicer place to be.

Finding the Musicians for New Donk City Festival

Talk to the mayor and she’ll ask you to find four musicians to take part in the New Donk City Festival. Each one will give you a power moon. Look for a glowing light shining upwards to direct you to each.

  • Metro Kingdom Power Moon 2. Drummer on Board Power Moon - Next to the Mayor
  • Metro Kingdom Power Moon 5. Trumpeter on Board Power Moon - On top of Skyscraper
  • Metro Kingdom Power Moon 4. Bassist on Board - In the garden over the gap at the end of the street
  • Metro Kingdom Power Moon 3. Guitarist on Board - In the grassy square

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 6. Powering up the Station Power Moon

Once you’ve told the mayor that you’ve got all four musicians on board, you need to get the power back on. Head out and go right. There’s a manhole cover that can be moved. Go in here and you’ll need to make it through a tricky course (throw Cappy at the edge of the green platforms to make them move), then take out the two piranha plants to earn the power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 7. A Traditional Festival Power Moons

With the power back on the mayor asks if you want to take part in the festival. Say yes and you’ll get to run through a lengthy retro mario course. Get to the end and you’ll earn three power moons.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 8. Inside an Iron Girder Power Moon

Head over the construction site (over the moving iron girders) and on the far side you’ll see some crates. Smash them and head inside the girder to find a power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 9. Swaying in the Breeze Power Moon

At the end of the main street in New Donk City a staircase leads up to the left. Go up here and follow the normal path until you cross rooftops on a girder. Look to your right and there’s a power moon waiting for you.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 10. Girder Sandwich Power Moon

Right at the end of the street in New Donk City there is a secret path to the right. Blow up the steel girder using a tank, then head down the path, jump up the girders and get the power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 11. Glittering Above the Pool Power Moon

Warp to the flag on top of city hall, then use the power lines to the right of the tower to reach the upper area of the building. You'll now want to long jump from here to the building to the north west with the pool. Once you've made it, hop on the umbrella to reach the Power Moon above the pool.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 12. Dizzying Heights Power Moon

This Power Moon is simple: all you need to do is beat the Caterpillar boss, and then head back to the very top of the tower, using power lines and simple platforming to claim the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 13. Secret Girder Tunnel Power Moon

From the Odyssey, head to the power line leading down to New Donk City, but turn to the right and hop onto the girder. From here, jump down to your left to enter the actual girder, and recover the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 14. Who Piled Garbage on This Power Moon

Once you get down into the heart of the city following the boss battle, head up immediately and you’ll reach a rooftop with garbage piled in the corner. Spin attack it, the pound the cleared area and you’ll reveal a power moon

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 15. Hidden in the Scrap Power Moon

In the garden where you found the Bassist is the scrap of a mechanical beast. Ground bound its back to reveal a power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 16. Left at the Cafe Power Moon

A rooftop cafe is home to a power moon. Simply ground slam the area shown in the picture above and the power moon is yours.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 17. Caught Hopping on a Building Power Moon

To claim this Power Moon, warp to the Rooftop Garden flag, and look south east to the building roof area opposite you. There'll be a rabbit in the bushes here, and you'll have to strike him twice with Cappy in order for it to surrender the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 18. How do They Take Out the Trash? Power Moon

Warp to the New Donk City Hall Rooftop flag, and drop down to the right to use the power line to ascend to the upper reaches of the tower. Now look north east to see a dumpster atop a pillar, and long jump to reach the top. Hit the dumpster with Cappy, and the Power Moon will appear.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 19. Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 Power Moon

You'll need to complete the Mayor Pauline storyline before you can claim this Power Moon. To start the timer challenge, head to the street north of the Rooftop Gardens, look out to the girders, and hit the scarecrow to begin the timer challenge. This challenge consists of three seesawing platforms, which you'll have to manipulate with your weight in order to reach the top and claim the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 20. Metro Kingdom Timer Challenge 2 Power Moon

Again, you'll need to beat the main story with the Mayor of New Donk City before you can take on this timer challenge. Reach the top of New Donk City Hall using the power lines to the right of the building, and ride the moped over the P sign to begin the timer challenge. Ride the moped over the checkerboard to the key, then follow the path as quickly as you can to claim the Power MOon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 21. City Gardening: Building Planter Power Moon

Claim a seed near Talkatoo, then bounce on the taxi across the street around the corner from the Crazy Cap shop. Once you're on top of the building opposite the store, plant the seed in the pot, and then wait for the Power Moon to spawn.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 22. City Gardening: Plaza Planter Power Moon

Go back to the location near Talkatoo with the seeds, then head directly north to find the plant pot buried in the row of plants.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 23. City Gardening: Rooftop Planter Power Moon

For the third and final plant pot challenge Power Moon, grab the final seed, and head to the slots building, which is in the southern section of quadrant B2. Throw the seed onto the fire escape in the alleyway, then platform your way up their, grabbing the seed, and jumping up to the rooftop. Jump with the seed over to the rooftop opposite the slots building, and you can plant the seed in the pot there.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 24. How you Doin, Captain Toad? Power Moon

Head down the street shown above and turn left at the end. Captain Toad and his power moon are on the end of a girder.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 25. Free Parking: Rooftop Hop Power Moon

Head back to the area straight after the Odyssey to hop on a scooter, then drive it to the right of the central tower, carefully working your way up the blue scaffolding, till you can park the scooter on the platform next to the NPC.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 26. Bench Friends Power Moon

Head east from the Rooftop Gardens flag down into the street, where you'll see a man sat on the bench by himself. Simply jump on the bench and sit next to him, and he'll give you the Power Moon after a brief conversation.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 27. Shopping in New Donk City Power Moon

You can’t miss the shop in New Donk City. You can visit and buy a power moon for Metro Kingdom.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 28. Metro Kingdom Slots Power Moon

Just past the Iron Girder power moon is a alleyway to the left. Head down here and through the door to play a game of slots. Get all moons and the power moon is yours.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 29. Jump-Rope Hero Power Moon

Right near Talkatoo in the main square of New Donk City, there's a couple of characters playing jump rope. If you can successfully perform 30 jump-ropes in a row, you'll earn yourself the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 30. Jump-Rope Genius Power Moon

This Power Moon is exactly the same as the one above, except this time you have to do 100 jump-ropes in a row without failing. Once you've reached 50, the speed of the rope will max out, so be warned.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 31. Remotely Captured Car Power Moon

In the first area of New Donk City, after the weather has cleared up, capture the NPC playing with the remote-controlled car, and steer the car into the Power Moon to claim it.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 32. RC Car Pro Power Moon

Just ahead of where you obtained the first RC Car Power Moon, there'll be an NPC stood next to an open door. Head through the door, and capture the man on the lowest pedestal to start the RC Car challenge. We're not entirely sure what time you have to score to be awarded the Power Moon, but we obtained it in a time of roughly 31 seconds.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 33. Taking Notes: In the Private Room Power Moon

Once the weather has cleared up, a door will open to the building in the lower center of New Donk City. Enter it, and complete the timed challenge with the musical notes to claim this Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 34. City Hall Lost and Found Power Moon

Carrying along the path you were on in getting the Swaying in the Breeze power moon, you’ll come to a door. Head inside to the New Donk City Hall. Once inside you’ll need to climb up a series of girders. Once you reach the point above, head left instead of up. A tricky set of jumps follow, but keep heading up and you’ll reach a treasure chest containing a power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 35. Sewer Treasure Power Moon

To get this Power Moon, you'll need to head underground through the manhole cover located just south of the Outdoor Cafe flag. Keep going once you're underground, until you reach a green platform that spins vertically. You'll need to hop on it, then jump off on the right side to reach a platform with the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 36. Celebrating in the Streets Power Moon

This Power Moon is only available during the festival with Mayor Pauline, and only in the new 8-bit zones. Keep going until you reach an 8-bit mural that takes you upside down, and jump on top of the question marker blocks to reveal two hidden blocks. Further up from there, you'll find an exit pipe, which you can take to a new area with the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 37. Pushing Through the Crowd Power Moon

In the Outdoor Cafe area of New Donk City you’ll see a door (near the checkpoint flag). Head inside and a lot of people will be trying to get inside a building. Pull the Lever.

Now you have a limited amount of time to reach the other side of the crowd and get the power moon. Just keep jumping and try to bounce of the heads of the people and you should reach the moon in time.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 38. High Over the Crowd Power Moon

In the same crowded area, you should see a canopy. Jump up here and then bounce up. Head over the swinging poles and you’ll reach a power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 39. Rewiring the Neighborhood Power Moon

Purchase and equip the worker's uniform from the Crazy Cap shop, then head to the building to the left of the main tower, and speak to the NPC with the yellow hard hat. He'll let you into a new area with plenty of obstacles where timing is key. Make sure to watch the enemy patterns while you're moving around the power lines, and you'll piece together the Power Moon in no time at all.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 40. Off the Beaten Wire Power Moon

Warp to the Outdoor Cafe flag with the Builder's outfit on, and speak to the man in the yellow hard hat to be let in through the door. In this challenge area, you can drop off the power line that takes you up and above a building using the crouch button. Drop down to the lower level of the building, and smash the wooden crates there to reveal a Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 41. Moon Shards Under Siege Power Moon

Warp to the Main Street Entrance flag, and head north to possess the taxi with a yellow bulb above it. Push forward to automatically drive off to a new area, where you'll have to possess a Sherm tank and find every Power Moon in the area to complete the section.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 42. Sharpshooting Under Siege Power Moon

In the same area with the Sherm tanks, you'll want to possess one of the tanks and drive up to the highest possible platform in the area. Now scour the sides of all the buildings, and you'll see a row of rocks that you'll have to shoot with the tank in order to reveal the Power Moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 43. Inside the Rotating Maze Power Moon

Look for the manhole cover on the streets. This can be moved by throwing Cappy onto it. Head inside and you’ll go to a secret area. Once here there’s a fairly simple maze to run around, with five moon pieces to find. Get them all and the power moon is yours.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 44. Outside the Rotating Maze Power Moon

In the same maze area as above, a moon is hidden behind the back of the maze. Do a backflip up onto the top of the maze, then walk over to the back and find the power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 45. Hanging From a High Rise Power Moon

Complete the course entered via the rocket and you’ll get the power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 46. Vaulting up a High Rise Power Moon

After heading through the warp pipe in the crowded alleyway you’ll be able to blast off in a rocket. Following the acrobatic course around until you see the point above. Head up here rather than off to the side and you’ll grab a secret power moon.

Metro Kingdom Power Moon 47. Bullet Billding Power Moon

Down an alley leading off from central New Donk City, you'll find a set of double doors in a building opening to white light. Enter the new area, and carefully work your way through the obstacle course with plenty of Bullet Bills. As long as you remember to shield yourself from the Bills with the poles you're climbing on, you'll have no trouble claiming the Power Moon at the end.

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