Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Moon Locations - All Secrets, Bosses, Power Moon Walkthrough

Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Moon Locations - All Secrets, Bosses, Power Moon Walkthrough

The complete guide and walkthrough to collecting all power moons in Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch. Plus how to unlock the secret characters and kingdoms, and metal cubes/moon rocks explained. Find the power moons in Cap Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Lake Kingdom, Cloud Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Ruined Kingdom, Bowser's Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and Mushroom Kingdom.

The Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom features some pretty nifty creatures to possess and a cool boss to fight. It’s also home to a lot of power moons, so this Seaside Kingdom Power Moon Location guide should help you find them all and defeat the octopus boss.

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Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom Power Moon Locations

Here is our guide to all the Seaside Kingdom Power Moons we've found so far. Keep checking back for more details on all the remaining power moons. Numbers match with those on your Power Moon list in the game.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 1. The Stone Pillar Seal Power Moon

As the water creature, zoom up onto this pillar and claim the power moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 2. The Lighthouse Seal Power Moon

Jump into the pool of water with the rings above it. When you emerge, possess a fish and then make your way to the end. You’ll come out on dry land and be able to claim another power moon on Seaside Kingdom.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 3. The Hot Spring Seal Power Moon

Head over to the large landmass seen in the image above. As the water creature, use your water jet to clear the lava from the area. You’ll then be able to swim down and claim a power moon. Hit the last big red button to start a fight against the massive Octopus boss.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 4. The Seal Above the Canyon Power Moon

Run up the gauntlet (where loads of spiky balls are rolling down), smash through the crates at the top, and claim the power moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 5. The Glass is Half Full Power Moon - Octopus Boss Fight

While the octopus boss in Seaside Kingdom looks tough, it’s pretty easy to beat once you know how. First off you need to cool down its head by hovering over it as a water creature. Not it’s head is cool you just need to repeatedly slam its head until it’s defeated. Lining up your slam as a water creature can be tricky, so pay attention to the shadow that should appear on the octo’s head.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 6. On the Cliff Overlooking the Beach Power Moon

This power moon on Seaside Kingdom requires you first possess one of the strange creatures that are surrounded by water. You can no shoot up the cliff and claim the power moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 7. Ride the Jetstream Power Moon

Head into the small alcove on the cliff face as the water creature. Zoom up and complete the short course to get a power moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 8. Ocean-Bottom Maze: Treasure Power Moon

Head to the sea floor west of the middle island, and head down the pipe to the bottom left. Head all the way to the left of the area, and uncover the hidden blocks, completely blocking off your progress. Now back out and down the upper right pipe, and head to the area where you activated the hidden blocks. Now just head to the right to claim the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 10. Underwater Highway Tunnel Power Moon

Head to the sea floor west of the light house, and face north, where you'll see three Cheep Cheeps patrolling in front of a cave. Head past them, ground pound the brick floor to break through it, and collect the Power Moon underneath.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 11. Shh! It's a Shortcut Power Moon

Possess a Cheep Cheep and head to the north of the map, between the island with two pillars and the island to the left of it. Dive down, and you'll find a small cavern entrance on the sea floor. Head all the way through this tunnel, and you'll find the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 16. Under a Dangerous Ceiling Power Moon

This Power Moon can be found underneath the island to the top of the map and slightly to the right, where a group of Koomboos are hanging upside down underneath the island. Ground pound the glistening mound, and the Power Moon is yours.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 17. What the Waves Left Behind Power Moon

Warp to the Rolling Canyon flag, and head north into the string of tiny islands. Defeat all the Koomboos as you go, and then ground pound the small hole in which you defeat the final Koomboo to claim the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 20. Wriggling on the Sandy Bottom Power Moon

Head to the stretch of land just north of the light house, with all the revolving rows of spikes, and drop down to the sea floor just under the stretch of land. Go through the door on the sea floor, and you'll see something moving around underneath the sand. Hit it with Cappy, then ground pound it, and do this a second time to reveal the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 21. Glass Palace Treasure Chest Power Moon

Head straight under the central building in the Seaside Kingdom, possessing a Cheep Cheep, to where you find a bunch of Koomboos under the sea. On one side of this tunnel, you'll find a small cavern with a chest, which you can unlock to find the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 27. Seaside Kingdom Timer Challenge 1 Power Moon

Head to the lower area on the sea floor to the east of the map, and just below the island on the north east corner, and you'll find a tiny trench in the sea floor. Head down here and ground pound the button to start the timer, and go through the pipe to reach the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 31. Taking Notes: Ocean Surface Dash Power Moon

On the beach in quadrant D2, you'll find a group of flowers right before a music note. Possess the flower with Cappy to start boosting yourself forward, and you'll need to hit the first Power Moon and all the subsequent ones that appear to obtain the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 32. Love by the Seaside Power Moon

Go up the same gauntlet as in Seal Above the Canyon, but this time as Goombas. Stand in front of the female goomba to earn a power moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 36. Shopping in Bubblaine Power Moon

To get this Power Moon, all you need to do is head to the very end of the beach section, and purchase the Power Moon from the Crazy Cap vendor on the back of the Dorrie.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 37. Beach Volleyball: Champ Power Moon

Nearby the Crazy Cap shop on the beach area, there's a volleyball court that you can interact with as soon as you walk onto the court. Position the camera so you're looking from the top down to make it slightly easier, and hit the ball back 15 times in a row to earn the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 41. A Rumble on the Seaside Floor Power Moon

Inside the warp pipe on the cliff face is a room. You need to stand where the rumble is strongest, as seen below.

Now perform a ground slam and the power moon is yours.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 42. A Relaxing Dance Power Moon

For this, you'll have to purchase the cheapest outfit from the purple Crazy Cap vendor on the back of the Dorrie roaming the sea, and then head back to the beach. Speak to the snail by the locked door on quadrant D1/2, and you'll unlock the door with the outfit on. Head inside, stand on the platform to dance, and you'll receive the Power Moon straight after.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 43. Wading in the Cloud Sea Power Moon

Hop on the beach umbrella in quadrant D2 to reach the upper archway, and possess the rocket to take off and reach a new area. In this area, you'll have to use Cappy to activate the waves of fire that temporarily clear out the cloud, so you can see where to jump on which platforms. Reach the very end of this area, and you'll claim the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 44. Sunken Treasure in the Cloud Sea Power Moon

Roughly halfway through the cloud area, that you reach by possessing the rocket in quadrant D2, there's a fork in the road. Head down the left path, and you'll come to a rectangular area, which you can drop into and reach a chest, containing the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 47. Hurry and Stretch Power Moon

For this Power Moon, you'll have to go to the ocean floor around the island to the upper right of the map, to where a single Cheep Cheep is patrolling in front of a door. Enter the door, possess the Uproot, and make your way to the end of the challenge level before the lava catches you, to claim the Power Moon.

Seaside Kingdom Power Moon 48. Stretch on the Side Path

In the exact same area as the previous Power Moon, you can find this one, shortly before the end of the challenge level where two rolling spikes are on the same level.

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