Destiny 2 Dead Cliffs Crucible Map - Tips and Tricks

Destiny 2 Dead Cliffs Crucible Map - Tips and Tricks

In this Destiny 2 Crucible guide we'll detail all the game modes and provide tips on how to play each of the maps, including Trials of the Nine.

In this Destiny 2 Crucible Dead Cliffs guide, we'll be going over everything you need to know about the Dead Cliffs Crucible map, highlighting the warzones around the map, while telling you how to get the drop on the enemy team no matter the mode.

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Destiny 2 Dead Cliffs Map

Unlike some maps in Destiny 2, you can play both the Clash and Control modes on the Dead Cliffs map, both of which we'll be running down later on in this guide. As for the map itself, it has certain elements from the Inverted Spire Strike, namely that there's a massive Cabal drill off to one side of the map, effectively acting as one corner of a triangle in the map.

You can get to the Cabal drill by either using the two gravity lifts to either side of the Dead Cliffs map, or you can traverse the path on the platform that connects the middle, solid ground part of the map with the drill. We'd advise you take the gravity lifts if you can, as the main path to the drill is nearly always a chaotic area in both Clash and Control.

Elsewhere around the map, the two thirds of Dead Cliffs that is on solid ground is made up of housing complexes, with a few areas of open ground in between the buildings. Basically, whoever holds a point that looks down onto an open area holds the advantage in Dead Cliffs, meaning that you'll want to find a house or bridge that looks out onto an area you can cover.

Destiny 2 Dead Cliffs Clash and Control Guide

Firstly, we'll cover the Control mode. Points A and C are located at either end of the building area in Dead Cliffs, while point C is located on the Cabal drill itself. If you want to get from point A to B, or vice versa, then we'd recommend heading along the edge of the map, away from the Cabal drill. This path leading round the back of the map is one that players rarely use, as everyone tends to stay near to the drill itself while moving from point to point. This can allow you to avoid most of the firefighting, and effectively sneak around most of the enemy team.

If you need to get to point C on the Cabal drill, then your best bet is to use one of the gravity lifts on either side of the map instead of heading straight down the bridge leading to the drill. A lot of players tend to camp around point C, meaning they can see you coming a mile off if you try to come over to the bridge. Therefore, it's a better idea to use the gravity lifts, checking to either side of you as soon as you're on the drill to check for camping players, and then heading to point C to get the drop on players waiting there.

As for the Clash mode, we mentioned earlier that it's a good idea to find a vantage point over some of the open areas on Dead Cliffs, and this goes double for Clash. Using this method, you can get the drop on any players that are sprinting around the map, and the area just outside the bridge leading to the Cabal drill is nearly always a warzone. After a while, you'll get the hang of which areas around the map are hot points, and so you'll get a good idea to where to watch whenever you're moving around the Dead Cliffs map.

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