Destiny 2 Iron Banner Guide - Start Date, Iron Banner Engrams and Rewards, Iron Banner Tokens and Milestones

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Guide - Start Date, Iron Banner Engrams and Rewards, Iron Banner Tokens and Milestones

In this Destiny 2 Crucible guide we'll detail all the game modes and provide tips on how to play each of the maps, including Trials of the Nine.

The endgame Destiny 2 Iron Banner event is now live in the game, and Bungie have made some changes since we last saw the Iron Banner in the original game. In this Destiny 2 Iron Banner guide, we'll go over the exact date and time you can gain access to the Iron Banner in Destiny 2, as well as all the rewards and Engrams you can hope to gain from participating.

If you need anything outside of a guide to the exclusive Iron Banner event, then be sure to head over to our Destiny 2 guides walkthrough hub, featuring articles on how to acquire every Exotic weapon in the game, as well as an overview of every Crucible map in rotation.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Guide

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner event actually makes a few changes from the mode in the original game, and we'll get you up to speed on all of them. The Iron Banner event in Destiny 2 does away with Power level bonuses for players of a higher level, creating what should be an even playing field where players that haven't yet got items like the MIDA Multi-Tool can win against those who have got access to higher level weapons and armor.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Vendors

The Iron Banner Rank and Bounties systems have also been discarded in favor of a brand new vendor system, which effectively works the same as every other vendor in Destiny 2. Lord Saladin will function as the vendor for the Iron Banner Engrams, which we'll explain more about further down. After playing two Iron Banner matches and trading in 6 Iron Banner Tokens to Lord Saladin, we still had a long way to go to level him up, so we'd recommend obtaining around 20 Tokens in order to earn an Iron Banner Engram.

Some of the armor sets obtainable through the Iron Banner.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Game Mode and Milestones

The Iron Banner game mode for the week that the event begins will be Control, where you'll have to fight to capture and hold three Control points scattered around the map. To gain access to the Iron Banner event in the first place though, you'll have to have completed the main Destiny 2 campaign, have spoken to Lord Saladin in the Tower, and embark on the Iron Banner quest. At this point, you'll be free to enter the Iron Banner through the Crucible Quickplay menu, with full matchmaking enabled.

We've tried our hand at the Iron Banner, and we can firmly recommend using voice chat if possible. As the mode is Control, you'll need to work with your teammates to co-ordinate your attacks on certain points. There also appears to be the new Emperor's Respite Control map, which takes place near Leviathan on a Prison Barge, not too far away from where the Leviathan Raid takes place.

Every day in the Iron Banner, you'll have brand new Milestone rewards and challenges to take on, as well as Seasonal Milestones for the long haul. We can't say that these Milestones challenges are right now, but it's a fairly safe bet to say that they'll reward you with some Iron Banner Tokens for your efforts.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Tips and Tricks

You might think the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event is straightforward this year, with matchmaking and level advantages removed, but you'd unfortunately be mistaken. The Iron Banner is as tough as ever, and you'll need some handy tips and tricks in order to make it through victorious.

  • As always, play the mode. If it's Control, then you need to rapidly make your way to any enemy points around the map. Remember, it's not the kills that'll win you the game.
  • We'd recommend using your Super Ability as soon as it's charged up. An Iron Banner match only lasts for so long, and it'd be a bonus of you could utilise your Super Ability twice in one match.
  • Defensive abilities are key here, and so you might want to go with the Titan's Barrier ability, or the Warlock's Healing Rift, rather than the offensive alternative.
  • Always support your teammates. If you see one of your team holding down a player, or being fired upon, then make sure you support them, as the team that sticks together generally emerges victorious.
  • Grenades can give you an edge in the Iron Banner, and we'd recommend going with grenade abilities that cover areas, instead of ones that focus on immediate impact damage.

When Does the Destiny 2 Iron Banner Event Begin?

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner event has begun as of Tuesday, October 10, just as the weekly reset for the game took place. Head over to our Destiny 2 weekly reset guide to find out when the Iron Banner will go live in your region of the world, as well as all the other events that are affected by the weekly reset.

It should also be noted that over on the official Bungie website, the developers have stated that the Iron Banner event will finish on October 17, at 2 am PDT. This means that the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event won't be a constant thing in the game, unlike the Nightfall Strikes, the Raid, and other event.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Loot Rewards

There are some nice new armor sets available for your characters in the Iron Banner event, as Bungie showed off in the tweet just below. It looks like whereas the Iron Banner armor was inspired by Medieval European armor in the original Destiny, the armor this time looks to be drawing inspiration from the Japanese Samurai.

But if you want to get hold of one of these exclusive Iron Banner armor sets, you'll need to turn in Iron Banner Tokens that you obtain from completing challenges while playing the new mode in the Crucible. Just as you do with every other vendor in Destiny 2, you'll need to turn in these Iron Banner Tokens to Lord Saladin, who will then reward you with an Iron Banner Engram after you've parted with enough Tokens. As we mentioned previously, it'll take you right around 20 Iron Banner Tokens in order to earn a single Iron Banner Engram from Lord Saladin.

Make sure to keep an eye on this Destiny 2 Iron Banner guide, as we'll be building on all the above information as the event rolls onwards.

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