Destiny 2 Drain EDZ Location - How to Find The Drain Lost Sector

The European Dead Zone is the biggest area in Destiny 2, and features a new vendor, as well as multiple missions and quests to comb through. Learn about EDZ tokens and vendors.

Lost Sectors are hidden within every open map area in Destiny 2, but there are some in the European Dead Zone that are particularly difficult to uncover. In this Destiny 2 Drain Lost Sector guide, we'll be pinpointing the location of one said Lost Sector, so you can track it down as easily as possible.

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Destiny 2 The Drain Lost Sector Guide

If you don't already know, Lost Sectors are unmarked treasure caves on the Destiny 2 map. They're on every single map in the game, from Mars to Earth, and they always marked on your map by the same symbol: an upside down semi circle with a dot in the middle. Whenever you see one of these markers on your map, it means that a Lost Sector is nearby.

However, some Lost Sectors are significantly harder to find, as is the case with The Drain. To find this Lost Sector in particular, you'll need to head to the European Dead Zone on Earth, and into the Outskirts area. You need to be in the northern section of the area, in the exact same location as our cursor is in the map screenshot from Destiny 2 just below.

Once you're into The Drain, you're going to be battling through hordes of Fallen enemies. There's Dregs, Vandals, and Shanks aplenty in this mini dungeon, so we'd recommend packing rapid fire weapons for your venture into this Lost Sector.

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