Destiny 2 Forsaken Level Cap - How to Hit the Forsaken Power Level Cap Quickly

Here's all the information you need on the brand new Destiny 2 Gambit mode, as well as The Last Wish Raid, Forsaken Exotic weapons, and the Ace of Spades.

With the launch of the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion now well behind us in September 2017, there's a brand new level cap to content with for your character(s). In this Destiny 2 Forsaken level cap guide, we'll be guiding you through the brand new base level and Power level caps for your character after you've downloaded the expansion.

But if you instead need help on anything else to do with the larger Forsaken expansion, you’ll want to head over to our Destiny 2 DLC guide. It’s on this page that you can find out all you need to know about the recent content drop, including how to get access to the brand new DLC through the Annual Pass, as well as how to acquire some rare and powerful weaponry in the early hours of the expansion.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Level up Quickly Guide

For those not in the know, the Forsaken DLC raised the Destiny 2 level cap to 50, a pretty big increase from 30. Unlike your Power level, this base level is increased through acquiring XP rather than upgrading your gear, and you’ll want to increase your character level as quickly as possible to get access to all the brand new Strikes and other missions in the DLC.

In the Forsaken expansion, you’ll journey to the brand new Tangled Shore area in The Reef. You unlock this open area after completing the first two missions of the Forsaken DLC, and it’s after you’ve met The Spider that this new area completely opens up for you to explore.

To level up quickly and hit that level 50 cap for your Destiny 2 character, you’ll want to track down all the regional chests scattered throughout the Tangled Shore. The ‘regional’ chests aren’t locked behind any activity at all, and they’re instead scattered throughout the entire Tangled Shore region, appearing in the hidden crevices of the map.

They’re actually not difficult to track down at all, and you’ll happen upon countless regional chests as you journey around the Tangled Shore. The trick here is that each chest you open in the area rewards you with 1250 XP, which is a pretty massive upgrade from if you’re just hanging around killing enemies all day. Rinse and repeat this method, and you’ll gain countless levels towards the level 50 cap in Destiny 2.

We might be all done with this Destiny 2 guide on how to level up quickly in the Forsaken DLC expansion, but we’re not nearly done with our guides to the new content. You can check out either our Destiny 2 Gambit guide for how to dominate in the new mode, or our Destiny 2 Forsaken weapons guide, for a complete list of all the most powerful weapons we’ve uncovered so far.

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