Destiny 2 Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike Guide - Momentum, Timewarp: Anomalies Walkthrough

Destiny 2 Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike Guide - Momentum, Timewarp: Anomalies Walkthrough

Here's our complete Destiny 2 Strikes guide hub, featuring all the walkthroughs you'll need to complete missions like the Lake of Shadows Strike, as well as getting to grips with the complex Nightfall Strikes system.

In this Destiny 2 Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike guide, we'll be taking you through all the modifiers in this amped up version of the base Strike, including the Momentum and Timewarp: Anomalies modifiers. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike, including boss battles, and the best way to complete the Nightfall Strike as quickly as possible.

For all things Destiny 2-related here at USgamer, head over to our Destiny 2 guides walkthrough hub, where you can be sure to find walkthrough guides for every other Strike in the game, as well as comprehensive breakdown of everything we know about Destiny 2's first Raid, called the Leviathan Raid.

Destiny 2 Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike Guide

In the Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike you'll be encountering plenty of Hive enemies at once, so make sure to equip your best submachine guns, auto rifles, and other fairly quick weapons for dealing with crowds, because the Nightfall Strikes in Destiny 2 always lock your gear in place once you embark on the mission.

Coldheart is a great weapon to take on the Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike.

Aside from that, you'll need to know about the Momentum and Timewarp: Anomalies difficulty modifiers. We'll explain both of them just below:

Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike Difficulty Mods:

  • Momentum - Whenever you stand still, you'll stop regenerating health, but while you're sprinting, you regain health at a quicker speed than normal. Basically, keep moving, especially when you're taking damage.
  • Timewarp: Anomalies - This mod is no stranger to the Nightfall Strikes, having been in the Exodus Crash Strike previously. Look for light blue objects scattered around the environment, and destroy them to gain an extra 30 seconds with which to complete the mission.

There actually aren't that many Anomalies scattered throughout the Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike, but you're still given a fairly generous 14 minutes in which to complete the entire mission. We managed to complete the Nightfall Strike with over 2 minutes to spare, having only shot 5 anomalies throughout the mission. They aren't that common, but as long as you constantly check your surroundings for them, you shouldn't be pressed for time.

Your entire Fireteam will need to focus fire on the Hive Knights whenever possible.

As always, the overall difficulty level is amped up, meaning you'll tke more damage from enemies, and they'll also be harder to kill. You'll have to fire on targets as a team in the Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike, especially when you're faced with Hive Wizards, Hungering Ogres, or Cursed Thrall.

Overall though, Savathun's Song isn't actually too difficult to pull off as a Nightfall Strike. It definitely isn't as difficult as the previous Inverted Spire or Exodus Crash Strikes, and as long as you've got the right weapons for the job as we mentioned above, you shouldn't have too much trouble beating the 14 minute timer.

Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike Boss Guide

For the Savathun's Song boss though, you'll want to work as a team to take this enemy out. We'd recommend saving your Super Abilities for this fight, as they're bound to come in handy when you need to clear out swarms of enemies. One player should use their Super Ability for each wave of enemies that spawns into the arena, so for the Acolytes on the right, the Ogres on the left, and the Hive Wizards that eventually spawn in the middle.

This tactic will allow you to whittle down the minions as quickly as possible so you can all return to focusing your fire on the Savathun's Song boss. While the boss is active, we'd recommend sticking together as a team, and if one person if playing as a Warlock, this is when you'll want to drop either a Healing Rift or an Empowering Rift for your team to use, as the boss can hit hard.

Our very own playthrough of the Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike.

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