Zelda Breath of the Wild Fireblight Ganon Boss – How to Beat Fireblight Ganon in BOTW

Zelda Breath of the Wild Fireblight Ganon Boss – How to Beat Fireblight Ganon in BOTW

This is our guide on beating the Fireblight Ganon boss in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The Divine Beast Vah Rudania is no pushover, but you've overcome every challenge thus far – now it's time for the final fight, and Fireblight Ganon won't make it easy on you either. This fiery fraction of Ganon's soul is blisteringly aggressive, but as long as you come prepared you'll prevail. We're being hopeful here if we're honest. This Fireblight Ganon fight is a hard one, so best of luck. Follow our Breath of the Wild Fireblight Ganon guide to give yourself the best chance of success.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Fireblight Ganon Boss

Fireblight Ganon is more of a close range fighter than Ganon's other iterations, preferring to swing with his sword than fire projectiles.

The best way to take Fireblight Ganon down is to get up in his face and dodge or parry his moves, then Flurry Attacking him to finish him off. Here's what to expect...

His overhead vertical slice is clearly telegraphed and, as you might expect, you can easily side jump to avoid, and hopefully score a Flurry Attack.

Fireblight Ganon's horizontal sweep is fast, so watch for it. A backflip is best way to dodge, followed with a Flurry Attack, though if the pressure is too high, backing off and firing arrows is an option to give yourself room to breathe.

Fireblight Ganon has a spin attack, too, which has three hits and only the first can be blocked. Luckily this one has a much larger wind up – after seeing the attack in action a couple of times, you should be able to predict the move and either parry or perfect dodge to counter attack – we recommend the backflip again.

And finally, he actually does have a projectile move which shoots out fireballs. This one can't be countered at all, so just run around them to avoid getting hurt.

As you can probably tell by all the mentions of Flurry Attack, the best way to counter Fireblight Ganon is close range combat and smart movement – it can get intense, so if you're not feeling confident feel free to shoot arrows.

Phase two begins once Fireblight Ganon's HP hits around 50%, and he gets mean, and raises a fortress-like shield defense.

The first new attack you'll see is Fireblight Ganon charging up a great fireball. When he throws it it'll make an explosion on impact, so run or hide behind something to avoid damage. The weakness is obvious when you see it in action: when charging his fireball it sucks in the air around him, giving you a chance to throw in a bomb, and pierce his shield.

He has another fireball which doesn't require a charge time, but still leaves a similar explosion upon impact – another which is best avoided.

Fireblight Ganon's melee attacks however remain pretty much the same, aside from his sword being on fire. This means you can dodge and parry in exactly the same way as in phase one, leaving him wide open to loads of damage.

Keep persevering, and Fireblight Ganon will eventually fall. He may be fearsome, but his attacks are easily predictable after you see them a few times. Pay attention and get used to the timing, and before you know it he'll crumble before you.

For more tips on how to beat Fireblight Ganon in Breath of the Wild, check out our video guide below.

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