Breath of the Wild Vah Medoh Walkthrough

Breath of the Wild Vah Medoh Walkthrough

Here's how to beat Divine Beast Vah Medoh in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

To the North West of Hyrule, Divine Beast Vah Medoh is plaguing the Rito Village – the bird people are afraid of spreading their wings, as the great Divine Beast will shoot down anyone flying too high over the village – a bit unreasonable when your entire race is covered in feathers. Luckily, Link (and this guide to beating Vah Medoh in Breath of the Wild) is here to quell the creature, and return the region to peace. If you can't beat the beast and peace isn't restored, this is all on you. Sorry, but we've done our part.

Breath of the Wild Divine Beast Vah Medoh Walkthrough

It all starts at Rito Village, a settlement clinging to the side of a rock tower placed in the centre of a great valley. At the top of the wooden huts they call home lives the elder, Kaneli, who'll start your quest. It turns out two Rito warriors recently tried and failed to take down the Divine Beast; one is injured, another is intending to risk his life trying again. This is where you come in.

Meet Saki in a hut near the elders, and she'll talk about her husband Teba, the foolhardy warrior Link needs to assist. Teba's further north at a flight range training ground – it's easy to see from the village, thanks to a shrine near to the entrance which is clearly visible from the village. We recommend jumping from Rito village and attempting to paraglide right over.

The flight range is essentially a cavern with a strong updraft with several targets dotted about. Teba's in the hut next to the cavern, and will challenge you to complete the training ground before allowing you to help him. Luckily the flight range works just as the fight with the Divine Beast itself – you'll have to periodically use your paraglider and your slow-motion bow skills to take down each of the targets – and more good news, is that unlike when you usually use your paraglider, your stamina will periodically recover even while mid-air.

We've got a video showing how to board Vah Medoh embedded for you below.

Once you've shot down each target it'll be on to Vah Medoh itself. Vah Medoh has four weak points you need to attack before lowering its shields and infiltrating. The four weak points are located on the tips of its beak, tail and wings – the weak points also happen to be Guardian-like laser cannons, but luckily Teba is here to distract them. He does a pretty good job, but even when they start to target you they're easily evaded by letting go of your paraglider and opening it up again to control your elevation.

Vah Medoh has the constant updraft just like the flight range, and your stamina will still recover just as before, allowing you plenty of time to move around the bird and focus on its weak points. You'll need to use Bomb Arrows to do any real damage, which Teba will have supplied you with in advance.

There's no real order here, so just fly to whichever of Vah Medoh's weak points is easiest for you to approach – but do keep in mind that arrows drop over distance, and the weak points may appear farther away than they actually are.

Next up is Vah Medoh's internals – they can be confusing, but stick to our guides and you'll clear Vah Medoh, as well as the rest of Breath of the Wild.

Vah Medoh may have been easy to infiltrate, but taking down the shields is just step one – navigating inside is where the real fun is.

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