Zelda Breath of the Wild Vah Rudania – How to Beat Vah Rudania, Divine Beast Lizard

Zelda Breath of the Wild Vah Rudania – How to Beat Vah Rudania, Divine Beast Lizard

Here's our guide on how to beat Divine Beast Vah Rudania, the lizard beast in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Vah Rudania can be seen from almost anywhere in Hyrule – the behemoth lizard circles Death Mountain endlessly, and has probably already piqued your curiosity. Just like the other Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild, Vah Rudania will need to be taken down a peg before you can get on board – and this time you'll have a Goron pal to help. You'll need him, although you end up treating him pretty badly.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Vah Rudania Walkthrough

To start the quest, you'll need to head for Goron City. North East of Hyrule Castle you'll find Eldin Tower – the nearest to Death Mountain, the hulking volcano you'll see on the horizon – and from there you'll see on your map and minimap the well-worn path leading up the mountain. Before setting out, be sure to stock up on Fireproof Elixers, which can be purchased from a nearby stable – this'll also be easy to see from the top of the tower, to the South East with a shrine nearby, also on the path to Goron City.

The Fireproof Elixers are necessary as this place gets hot – though you'll be able to negate the effects of the heat with an armor set you can buy from Goron City. It costs rupees, but you'll easily have enough if you collect most of the ore you see on your way up the mountain.

Once you hit Goron City talk to the elder Goron, Bludo, who'll trigger the "Divine Beast Vah Rudania" mission. He'll send you on your way to save Yunobo, the only one who can take down Vah Rudania.

Follow the North path and the waypoint to meet a Goron called Drak. Tell him the "the boss" sent you and he'll let you through. To reach Yunobo you'll to head through some enemy camps – though nearby cannons can help. They look like scraps of metal, but dropping a bomb into it and detonating will shoot down foes and obstacles. There are also updrafts in the area you can use to attempt to skip out on combat entirely – your call.

When you reach your destination, Yunobo will be trapped in a pile of rubble. Use a nearby cannon to blow him out of there – you'll need hit the switch on the cannon to rotate it and line up the shot. Now Yunobo's finally free, the real fight can begin. Let Bludo know the situation and you'll once again be sent up the mountain to meet Yunobo.

Follow the waypoint via the path on your map, and you'll meet Yunobo being assaulted by Moblins. Deal with them, talk to Yunobo, and he'll jump in the cannon he's sitting on, letting you use him as a projectile to lower a bridge you must cross. Detonating bombs in cannons to fire Yunobo at Vah Rundania is basically how the entire fight will play out from this point forward.

What we have here is an escort stealth section – there are ancient sentries in this area which will hinder your progress significantly if they spot you or Yunobo. In these sections, Yunobo can be made to wait or follow by whistling, which is down on the D-pad. All of the sentries have a fixed path, so watch for a moment and you'll figure out their pattern. The sentries can be destroyed, too, but it'll require a fairly heavy supply of elemental arrows – though Ancient Arrows will destroy them with one hit, if you hit their eye.

The first is avoided by hiding under a rock in the path to avoid the sentry's line of sight, illustrated by a light shaft and a large red circle that'll be painted under where it is flying.

The next sentry you can destroy by rolling some boulders onto it off of a nearby cliff edge – it's not far to climb up, just be patient waiting for it to fly under. Once you've passed, Yunobo will leap into the cannon and you can flick the switch to line up your shot.

The next sentries will have metal blocks nearby – you can leave Yunobo behind and get creative with these, using Magnesis to either drop them on sentries or just attempting to hit sentries with them. You can stand on a cliff to get a good vantage point, and they won't spot you here either, allowing you plenty of thinking time.

Another cannon is just a bit farther up the path – once you reach it, Yunobo will hop in. Line up the shot and hit the Divine Beast again.

The sentries up ahead will be circling updrafts you can use to your advantage – throwing bombs into the updrafts will allow them to float in the air, so you can detonate them as sentries are passing by, completely destroying them. Keep Yunobo behind again so you don't have to worry about him getting in the way, and wait for opportunities to move in and use your bombs. There are also a few more metal blocks on a cliff, if you prefer that approach.

The final cannon is just up ahead, and is this time guarded by a few monsters. They're not too tough, just tell Yunobo to hang back once again and take care of them however you see fit before once again sending Yunobo hurtling towards Vah Rundania.

And that's the final strike! Now Vah Rundania's fast travel point will open and you can enter and leave the beast as you see fit – phew!

Next step is Vah Rudania's dungeon – it can get hot in here but with our guides and walkthroughs you'll pull through. If you need to prepare, why not tackle some shrines with help from our guides and walkthroughs?

Vah Rundania can be tough to navigate, but keep your wits about you and you'll triumph.

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