Breath of the Wild Vah Ruta Walkthrough

Breath of the Wild Vah Ruta Walkthrough

This is our guide on how to beat Divine Beast Vah Ruta in Zelda Breath of the Wild, the elephant Divine Beast.

Once you've started your quest proper, you'll eventually come to Zora's Domain and meet with the enthusiastic Prince Sidon – and you're just the person he's been looking for. As it turns out, Zora, being fish people, can't really handle Shock Arrows, your lightning infused ammunition – making it slightly ironic that it happens to be exactly what they need to fight – and mount – Vah Ruta, the elephant Divine Beast and once protector of Zora's Domain. Follow this guide to learn how to beat Vah Ruta in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild Vah Ruta Walkthrough

After happening upon the Domain by following your waypoint (or Sidon's directions) you'll meet with the king and quickly discover that, of course, Zora don't happen to stock their own shock arrows. Luckily, the neighbouring centaur beast Lynel lives on the nearby Ploymus Mountain and has a massive supply of Shock Arrows – most of which he seems to have been using for target practice, as loads are lodged in the trunks of nearby trees. You can either stealthily sneak around Lynel (much easier if you have the Sheikah outfit, which we have a guide to locate) and steal his stock, battle him, or just run around frantically while avoiding his electrifying barrage – we don't recommend that last one.

Once you've gathered 20 Shock Arrows you can return to the Domain – we recommend jumping off the cliff and paragliding back, just to look cool – where you'll be informed that Prince Sidon is waiting atop the nearby dam, ready to begin the siege on Vah Ruta.

Before going into battle, we recommend having a good supply of normal arrows to accompany your shock variety, along with some food should you take damage.

In this wonderful action-packed battle, you'll ride on Prince Sidon's back as he swims circles around Vah Ruta, waiting to give you an opportunity to fight. Luckily, Vah Ruta is very predictable, and for the most part Prince Sidon will automatically avoid any of those deadly Guardian-like death beams.

The attacks you'll want to watch for are ice blocks, which will hurtle towards you at a not-entirely-terrifying speed, and will approach from the front and behind. Their pace makes it easy enough to line up shots, and you can easily shoot each one down with a single normal arrow, or even break them apart with your Cryonis rune – there's definitely no point in wasting precious Shock Arrows at this early point.

After each cycle of shooting down ice blocks, Prince Sidon will swim near to one of the waterfalls on Vah Ruta's body, allowing Link to use the Zora armour to swim up them by simply pressing A, and then shooting into the air above the waterfall, revealing large glowing pink spheres on Vah Ruta's body.

Hit the pink weak points

There are four of these glowing weakspots, each placed behind the corresponding waterfall, and this is where you'll want to grab your Shock Arrows and take aim. Of course, as long as your stamina lasts you can go slow-motion in mid-air, affording you plenty of time to line up a shot.

This essentially repeats four times, with increased ferocity in the number of ice blocks Vah Ruta barrages you with in each cycle.

As long as you're well stocked with Arrows, and aim carefully with Shock Arrows, Vah Ruta will succumb, allowing you to board, and activating a fast travel point – just in case you fancy heading back into town to make further preparations, or even tackle a few shrines for a health or stamina boost, before delving into the beast...

If the video below we show you how to board Vah Ruta, so if you're having trouble just copy what we did!

Now that you're aboard Vah Ruta, it's time to find some terminals. If you're having trouble with this, just follow our guide for everything you need to know.

That's Vah Ruta boarded – but are you prepared for what awaits inside? Follow our guides to see if you are.

That's all we have on this subject, but worry not as there's plenty more Breath of the Wild content right here on USG. First off, there's this news story on Twitch Plays beating its first Guardian. After that, be sure to head over to our write-up of the awesome Wind Waker easter egg hidden in the game.

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