Breath of the Wild Vah Naboris Terminal Locations

Breath of the Wild Vah Naboris Terminal Locations

This is our walkthrough of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris dungeon in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The camel inspired Divine Beast Vah Naboris is an electrifying creature, but one you can overcome with enough determination and a sharp wit. If you happen to lack those, though, you can just follow our Breath of the Wild Vah Naboris dungeon guide below. You don't even need wit. It's not needed at all. But you might just get further in life if you have some. This guide won't help with that.

Breath of the Wild Vah Naboris Terminal Locations

Once the fast travel point is active, head down the central walkway and up the ramp at the end, taking care of the Guardians and orange malevolent goo-eyes on the way to clear the path. This is the main room. Run to the opposite side of the room and there's a ramp against the far wall that you can climb on your right. This'll lead to the map terminal.

While in Vah Naboris you can use the map to rotate three cylinders inside the main chamber, changing the structure of the dungeon and connecting different walkways and bridges.

Rotate the ring closest to Naboris' head three times, and then run up the walkway that's been rotating. Get up close to the sides of the cylinder so when you rotate once more you'll be walking on top of it. From here you'll be able to leap over to the first terminal, which will be facing you – watch for the gap!

On the underside of the main terminal which is suspended in the centre of the main room there's an electric crystal which helps to power parts of Vah Naboris. You'll notice that the crystal is connected to power lines that run throughout this dungeon – you'll be able to see these on the map – rotate the cylinders so that all of the power lines are connected on the main room's ceiling.

A ring connected to the cylinder closest to Naboris' head will now start spinning. Jump into one of the ring's holes to ride it to the top of the chamber and through an exit.

Jump down to a lever you can push to rotate – rotating it in one direction will shift a sphere on the right, and in the other a sphere on the left. Rotate both of these spheres until the power lines coming from the lever connect to the electric light bulbs on the two spheres.

This will have raised Naboris' neck, which can be used as an elevator. At the top you'll find the second terminal. Head back to the main room and enter the shaft directly opposite to the one you just came from – at the top of the rear cylinder. You'll be able to hop over the walkways.

There are metal blocks attached to the wall, floor and ceiling here, with rods coming out of them to attach to pass electricity along. Slide them along their rails with Magnesis so the electric current can pass through all but one – the one on the floor. Use Stasis to freeze it, then hit it a couple of times so that when it unfreezes it'll slide into place. Run around to the back of the tail before time resumes, and then the tail will lift once the electric circuit is complete, acting as a bridge you can walk on.

Destroy the goo-eyes and head inside of the camel's hump. Inside here destroy any other eyes you see and then climb the ladder and rotate the lever so electric current is passing into the lightbulb, and leave it.

Take the elevator down into the room below, and make sure to grab the electric orb which is resting on a ledge inside the elevator shaft, opposite a chest. You can grab it with Magnesis. Drop it down the elevator shaft – we'll come for it later.

Go back up the elevator and move across the perilous walkway to the other hump. Defeat the Guardian in here and any goo-eyes – this will reveal a terminal.

Take the elevator upwards and grab the electric orb you find back down as low as it goes. Shoot any goo-eyes and use Magnesis to touch the electric orb against the bulb above the door in here to open it – inside will be Guardians, so make sure to deal with them.

Take each of the two electric orbs and place both of them on the podiums, this'll open up the gate hiding the terminal. Go back into the main room and exit the chamber through a hole in the right side of the beast – you might need to rotate the centre cylinder. Defeat the Guardian out here, if you haven't already.

Walk to your right into a small room, and then rotate the cylinder which will be next to you. There's a terminal accessible from here, just keep rotating until you see it, and then return to the walkway next to the centre cylinder.

Rotate it until you can access the main terminal – and voila, activating that will summon Thunderblight Ganon.

If you're having trouble with Thunderblight Ganon or any other bosses in Breath of the Wild, check our walkthrough hub for loads of strategies and tips.

Vah Naboris can be complicated, but follow this guide and you'll easily succeed.

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