Breath of the Wild Vah Rudania Terminal Locations

Breath of the Wild Vah Rudania Terminal Locations

This is our full Zelda Breath of the Wild walkthrough for the Divine Beast Vah Rudania dungeon.

After dealing with the heat of Death Mountain you're finally inside of Vah Rudania, the fiery lizard causing Goron City so much trouble. It's pitch black in here at first – but you'll light the place up and help the Goron people return things to normal. It's a bit tricky to get around, so make sure you stick closely to our Breath of the Wild Vah Rudania dungeon guide.

Breath of the Wild Vah Rudania Terminal Locations

When you enter the dungeon it'll be pitch black, aside from the orange glow of the malevolent eyes staring you down. Pick them off with your bow so you know it's safe to move forward – keep an eye out for them while it's dark.

To get through you're going to need to light several torches with the blue flames near the dungeon's entrance. Get a wooden weapon out, or alternatively there's a torch in a chest in this room.

The first torch to light is on the opposite side of the room, on the right. Light that up to open a gate into the next room. Watch for eyes and a Guardian in this room – the eyes will be hiding on walls and ceilings. The torch to light is at the back, on the left. In the next room you'll find the map terminal, which will light up Vah Rudania.

Now that you have the map you can make Vah Rudania walk onto the side of the mountain, rotating his entire body 90 degrees. This makes other parts of Vah Rudania more accessible.

As you leave the map room go into the alcove on the left, and stand in the corner – from here rotate Rudania 90 degrees. If you're positioned correctly, you'll be stood with a terminal below you. Paraglide down and activate the first terminal, and then rotate Rudania back to normal.

Now that the lights are on clear out any eyeballs you might've missed that are now easily seen and head back near the entrance.

Facing the way you came in, there's a door with a hole in the centre to the right of the entrance. Opposite the hole is a torch – draw your bow and run the tip of your arrow through the torch next to the entrance, then shoot it through the hole to light the torch.

When inside, go around the corner and set another arrow on fire to burn a wooden platform on the ceiling. This'll drop down a giant metal block. Use Magnesis on the block to stop the fire. Then, use your map to make Rudania rotate. Positioning the block should allow you more than enough space to walk into the next room, then rotate again to access the second terminal.

Back near the entrance, light up another arrow and fire it at the ivy door at the top of the metal doors, which is on the left when facing the way you entered the dungeon. Opening the doors with Magnesis, you'll find the third terminal.

Now get your torch out – or wooden weapon – and light it with blue fire. Rotate Rudania so the ramp leading up his body is usable, and run up the centre walkway. When at the top, drop down off the ledge on your left and then rotate Rudania. Start walking towards the torch which will be in front of you – it all connects to the metal caging that made the walkway you came up, just follow it and you'll be going the right way.

Once you light the torch with a blue flame it'll release an orange orb, which will down the cage. Follow it and rotate Rudania, this will send it down the main walkway you originally ran up. Follow it again and lift the metal block in its path at the end. The orb will fall into a dish below, and open up the way to the fourth terminal – the door to it is next to the dish the orb just fell into, paraglide down.

Now head back to where that orb started – where you lit that final blue torch. Stand next to the torch and rotate Rudania so you're able to climb on the arch on his back. Make sure to shoot any goo-eyes if you haven't already, and position yourself in the middle of the arch – watch you don't fall, it's precarious.

One of the spikes coming out the arch on his back has a chest – jump over the wall and grab the chest, then walk back to the wall but don't jump back over, rotate instead. This'll put you on a narrow walkway where you can easily access the final terminal.

Now that all the terminals are done, the main terminal is just below you – paraglide down and activate it to encounter Fireblight Ganon, a vicious fragment of the demon's soul.

If you're stuck fighting Fireblight Ganon, or can't make your way onto Vah Rudania, see our boss and Divine Beast guides and walkthroughs.

Fireblight Ganon is tough, but you can overcome! Vah Rudania may have twisted your logic, but you made it through.

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