Breath of the Wild Great Plateau Chest Locations

Breath of the Wild Great Plateau Chest Locations

This is our complete guide to the Zelda Breath of the Wild Great Plateau chest locations, hidden throughout the area.

The Great Plateau is the starting area in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it holds a great many Chests for you to uncover. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild hidden chests guide, we'll be walking you through a complete list of the various chests that are hidden within different areas of the Great Plateau.

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Zelda Breath of the Wild Great Plateau Chest Locations

In order to get access to these secret treasure chests you'll need to use the rune abilities acquired from beating the Magnesis Trial in the Oman Au Shrine, the Bomb Trial in the Ja Baij Shrine, the Cryonis Trial in the Keh Namut Shrine, and the Stasis Trial in the Owa Daim Shrine. You can obviously mop some chests up as you come across them, so the choice is yours.

Chest #1

Use Magnesis to grab these two chests

Link has no way to dive under water, and Cryonis only builds pillars on the top of water, so these two chests will have to be lifted out. Use Magnesis to grab each chest from under the water and bring them out to dry land. Once placed on the ground you can easily open them and get your rewards.

Chest #2

Cryonis is your friend to get this chest

This wooden chest can be grabbed using Magnesis and the icy water is hazardous to Link, so a path must be created. Use Cryonis to build pillars across the water to make your way to the chest. Build a pillar under the chest to raise it and claim your reward.

Chest #3

Stasis will let you blast this boulder out of the way

A massive boulder is preventing you from opening this chest. It's too big to push out the way so you're going to have to use a rune ability. Use Stasis to freeze time on the boulder, then repeatedly hit the boulder towards the distance. On resumption of normal time the boulder will fly outwards and you'll have easy access to the chest.

Chest #4

Crynois will let you build a path to these chests

These chests are found on a raised platform inside a small mud lake. If Link enters the mud he'll sink, so he has to gain access from above. Use Cryonis to build an ice pillar between the hilly bank and the raised platform. Jump from the bank to the pillar and then on to the platform. Now open the chests to claim your rewards.

Chest #5

Use Magnesis to pull this chest from the water

Just outside the Eastern Abbey, home of the Ja Baij Shrine, is a submerged metal treasure chest. Use Magnesis to lift the chest out of the water onto dry land, then claim your prize.

If you're done exploring the Great Plateau, it's probably time to venture out. Make sure you've got the Paraglider from the Old Man then try to find Impa in Kakariko Village Get as many rupees as you can and make sure you've learnt how to kill Guardians.

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