Breath of the Wild: How to Find all the Great Fairy Fountains and Upgrade Armor

Breath of the Wild: How to Find all the Great Fairy Fountains and Upgrade Armor

This is our guide on all the Great Fairy locations in Zelda Breath of the Wild, and how to upgrade your armor.

Throughout the land of Hyrule, there are a number of Great Fairies hidden firmly out of sight, which can be tough to unlock. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Great Fairies guide, we'll be walking you through a complete list of the various Breath of the Wild Great Fairy locations spread out over Hyrule.

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Breath of the Wild Great Fairy Locations

Each location of a Great Fairy is marked on the landscape by a large cocoon, surrounded by luminous orange plants. As you approach and interact with the cocoon, the Great Fairy within will request a certain amount of Rupees from Link, in order to be "awakened".

After the Great Fairy in question has been awakened, they will request a certain amount of items from Link, in order to upgrade any of the armor items that you posses. For example, in order to upgrade the Flamebreaker Helm for the first time, Link will need to posses 1 Fireproof Lizard, and 2 Moblin Horns.

The following page will detail the locations of all Great Fairies, as well as the amount of Rupees that each one asks for, on top of the upgrades that they can offer Link.

Great Fairy Fountain #1

The 'weakest' of the Great Fairies, Cotera can be found just northeast of Kakariko Village, right behind the Tal'noh Naeg Shrine. As well as being the first Great Fairy that Link will likely happen upon due to the proximity to Kakariko Village, Cotera is also the weakest of the four, able to upgrade Link's armor by one level only.

You should keep an eye out for a small bed of water on the mini-map, as well as luminous orange plants surrounding a cocoon. If Cotera happens to be the first Great Fairy that Link finds, she'll awaken for only 100 Rupees.

Great Fairy Fountain #2

Great Fairy Mija is similarly located in another fairly easy area to reach, being directly east of Akkala Tower. Mija can be found directly east of the large body of water in the Akkala region, but within the road that runs around the lower portion of the lake.

Once again, you're keeping an eye out for luminous orange plants, as well as a giant cocoon. As with Cotera, Great Fairy Mija is found within a small forest, and if she happen to be the second Great Fairy that Link comes across, she can be awakened for 500 Rupees.

Great Fairy Fountain #3

If Link travels to the Tabantha Tower, and looks out to the area south of the tower, you should be able to see the luminous orange plants that surround the cocoon. From here, merely glide down to the cocoon, that will once again show up in the map as a small bit of water.

Great Fairy Kayasa can upgrade Link's armor to the third level, but this will come at a certain monetary cost, as she will demand 1,000 Rupees from Link in order to be awakened.

Great Fairy #4

Great Fairy Tera is undoubtedly the hardest Great Fairy to find of the four, being tucked away in a particularly arid corner of the expansive Gerudo Desert, right underneath the massive skeleton slightly southwest of Dragon's Exile.

Although Tera can upgrade Link's armor to the highest level possible, our hero will have a tough time getting here, as a Molduga lies between Dragon's Exile and Gerudo Town. On top of this, Tera will demand 10,000 Rupees from Link, provided that she is the final of the four Great Fairies found by the player.

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