Breath of the Wild Hila Rao Shrine Walkthrough

Breath of the Wild Hila Rao Shrine Walkthrough

Here's how to beat the Drifting Trial in Zelda Breath of the Wild, found in the Hila Rao Shrine.

The Hila Rao Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be a pretty tricky one to beat, but only if you go in unprepared. In our Zelda Breath of the Wild Hila Rao Shrine guide, we'll be putting together all the information you need to know in order to make it through the trial.

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Breath of the Wild Drifting Trial Walkthrough

The shrine is on a tiny bit of land surrounded by flowers
  1. Even players who haven't upgraded Link's stamina yet shouldn't have too many problems swimming across the river to the other side where the Hila Rao Shrine resides.
  2. This trial requires good timing and Cryonis
  3. This Trial is again quite simple, but does require a little bit of thinking. The initial area sees a stretch of flowing water preventing Link from crossing to the other side. All you need to do is time Link's walk across the wooden platform that floats down the stream. Simple!
  4. Next up is another stretch of flowing water, this time wider and with three wooden platforms drifting down it. While it's probably possible to use Cryonis to block each platform to create a single solid bridge, it's perfectly possible to run and jump between them and reach the other side.
  5. What comes next is a oval river of sorts, with a chest in the water and a brick wall on the far side. To reach the wall you need to build a path out of ice pillars (thanks, Cryonis), then throw a remote bomb at the wall and detonate. Jump down and you'll be at the end of the Trial and a Spirit Orb is yours.
  6. Cryonis is your friend to get this chest
  7. You'll need to use Cryonis again to get your hands on the contents of the chest in the oval river near the end of the Drifting Trial. Simply target the area under the chest and build a pillar. Then climb the pillar to reach the chest and grab the loot.

Watch Out For the Flowers Side Quest

Surrounding the Hila Rao Shrine are a lovely selection of flowers. Immediately after clambering onto dry land you'll be spoken to by Magda, who will give Link the Watch out for the Flowers side quest. Essentially a path winds between the flower beds around to the entrance of the shrine. As long as you are careful not to step on any flowers you'll complete the side quest.

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